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Press Release: May 8, 2009
Condemn the savage bombing of Afghan civilians

by Obama’s mercenary army!
Isolate and defeat the hegemonic designs of American imperialism

in South and Central Asia!

The inhuman bombing in Farah Province on May 3rd causing the deaths of over a hundred civilians, mostly children and women, shows the extent of madness and desperation of the Obama administration which is finding it increasingly difficult to subdue the Afghan people and keep them under their colonial rule. The series of humiliating defeats suffered by the occupation forces of NATO and US in Afghanistan at the hands of Taliban particularly in the past one year and the latter’s expansion into neighbouring Pakistan at a rapid pace has unnerved the rulers who control the biggest war-machine in the world. The aerial bombing of civilians in Farah was preceded by the killing of six civilians in Kunar province on April 13 and five civilians on April 7 in Khost province by US drones. Killing of unarmed Afghans, particularly children and women, has become a daily feature under the aegis of the new war criminal in Washington, Barack Obama.

President Obama has not merely continued the inhuman policy of his predecessor, George Bush, in Afghanistan by indiscriminately bombing residential localities and killing women and children, but also stepped up this savage campaign by deploying several thousand more US troops to intensify these barbaric acts on unarmed civilian population of Afghanistan.
Obama had sent 21,000 additional troops to Afghanistan since January 20 after he succeeded George Bush as the Chief Persecutor of the world people on January 20. Over the next few months, the total number of US occupation forces in Afghanistan is set to reach almost double the existing strength—from 38,000 to 68,000—and, together with the 32,000-odd NATO troops the occupation force would touch the figure of one lakh troops. Despite this massive increase of troops, the ground forces waging the unjust war against the Afghan people are still so nervous that their top commander in Afghanistan, Lt. Gen. David McKiernan, has requested another 10,000 combat troops to be sent to Afghanistan. The military-industrial complex ruling America has its evil eyes focused on the oil-rich central Asian region, and Barack Obama, as the chief representative of this tiny elite, has promised to increase the US troops in Afghanistan even as they get bogged down and buried in the country’s quicksands. At least after the blood-bath in Farah, American people should realize that Barack Obama is no different from George Bush but for the label of a Democrat; they should demand and agitate for the immediate withdrawal of the occupation forces from Afghan soil.
The Washington war-mongers have also announced that they consider Afghanistan and Pakistan as a single war theatre or operational territory for all practical purposes in their “war against terror” and deployed a special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan. They carry out aerial bombardment testing their latest missiles, chemical and biological weapons on the Afghan people, and established their military bases on both sides of Afghan border. Both the special envoy Richard Holbrooke and Admiral Mike Mullen, head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, have been exerting pressure on Pakistan to launch attacks on Taliban portraying the latter as a dangerous monster that is rapidly advancing towards Islamabad and capable of taking over power along with nuclear weapons in Pakistan. A fear psychosis of a Taliban take-over of the nukes in Pakistan is created in order to justify America’s indiscriminate killings of civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan through aerial bombardment.
Indiscriminate bombing of towns and villages and killing of unarmed civilians, most of them children, has become a general feature rather than an exception in Pakistan too. Under Barack Obama these bombings have been stepped up further. There were more than 35 drone missile attacks in Pakistan in the last eight months killing 340 people, most of them civilians. The April 4 attack in North Waziristan that killed 13 people including children and women, drew severe criticism of the American policy in Pakistan. Entire tracts in the autonomous FATA, Baluchistan and North West Frontier Province have been bombed rendering lakhs of people into refugees.
Not content with its unilateral strikes in Pakistan the Obama administration has been pressurizing the Pakistani government to unleash brutal suppression of the Taliban in its western frontier. The IMF bail-out money was given to Pakistani rulers on condition that they would brutally suppress the Taliban and quell any revolt by their people against the US forces. Already more than half a million people were driven out of their homes by the Pak offensive. It has now unleashed the most brutal war on the people of Swat Valley driving out the entire population from their homes to please their mentors in Washington who were angry with the concessions given to Taliban regarding Shariat law. All this would no doubt lead to an unprecedented escalation of Islamic militancy.
The brutal war of aggression in Afghanistan and attack on even the nominal sovereignty of Pakistan by unilateral bombing of Pakistani villages has brought forth wide condemnation from the people of the two countries besides others. Even the President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, a puppet installed by the US, is compelled to condemn the indiscriminate bombardment by the US drones. He knows that increasing civilian deaths in the drone attacks by US drives more people into the fold of Taliban while isolating his own regime completely.
Likewise, every attack by the US in Pakistan turns the population against the US and its servile government in Islamabad. While the servile rulers in Pakistan deny it, people know that their spineless rulers had permitted the US to establish a secret CIA base in Pakistan from where the drone missile attacks are launched on Pak territory. As the Pakistani rulers get more and more involved in America’s dirty war of aggression in Afghanistan and use their own soldiers as cannon-fodder for the strategic interests of the US in Central Asia, the ruling regimes will be isolated from the population at large while strengthening fundamentalist forces like Taliban and other anti-US, anti-govt forces. Suicide bombings as in Lahore and Islamabad carried out by FATA-based pro-Taliban group, Tehreek-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) led by Baitullah Mehsud will increase drastically.
The CC, CPI(Maoist), calls upon the people of India to fight against the growing servility of the Indian rulers to US imperialism in exchange for the latter’s recognition of its status as a regional power in South Asia and a ‘global strategic partner’ of US. It warns the Govt of India to sever its relations with the US puppet regime of Karzai in Afghanistan which is responsible for the increasing massacres of Afghan people by the US occupation forces. It also calls upon the people of Pakistan to wage a united struggle against their servile rulers who are allowing indiscriminate aerial attacks on Pak territory by the US forces and also using their own forces as canon-fodder in the dirty war of aggression waged by the US in Afghanistan with the strategic goal of capturing oil-rich Central Asia.

** Carry out strikes against US economic-political targets all over South

Asia to counter its indiscriminate air-strikes in Afghanistan and Pakistan!
** Isolate and defeat the designs of US imperialism in South and Central

** Support the just struggle of the Afghan people for their liberation from

US-NATO occupation!
** People of South Asia should unite to wage a massive struggle to throw

out US imperialism from the sub-continent!



Central Committee,


[From: CPI(Maoist) Information Bulletin, #8, May 15, 2009, pp. 53-54.]

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