Mouth Palatine nerves

The Fifth Cranial Nerves The Trigeminal By Prof. Dr. Muhammad Imran QureshiThe Fifth Cranial Nerves The Trigeminal By Prof. Dr. Muhammad Imran Qureshi
The Maxillary nerve, arises from the middle of the semilunar ganglion and passes forward between the true dura and endocranium below the lower border of the cavernous sinus. Palatine nerves
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Name the main secondary olfactory neuronName the main secondary olfactory neuron
The synapses between the primary & secondary olfactory neurons form in the olfactory bulb. Palatine nerves
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Anatomy midterm notesAnatomy midterm notes
Lingual nerves – pass superficial (lateral) to hypoglossus muscle; anterior 2/3 general sensation of tongue. Palatine nerves
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The Skull Cranium: Anterior ViewThe Skull Cranium: Anterior View
Anterior View: includes the frontal bone, zygomatic bones, nasal bones, maxilla, and mandible. Palatine nerves
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Nervous System – PracticalNervous System – Practical
Cerebrum – cortex, lobes, sulcus, gyrus, longitudinal fissure, central sulcus, lateral cerebral sulcus, precentral gyrus, postcentral gyrus, lateral ventricles, third ventricle, fourth ventricle. Palatine nerves
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