Human head and neck Thalamus

The thalamusThe thalamus
They are interconnected by a short communicating bar of white matter (Massa intermedia) which traverses the third ventricle. Thalamus operates in close association with cerebral cortex, so both are sometimes called thalamo-cortical system. Thalamus
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Functions: SensoryFunctions: Sensory
Main information processing center of the brain for sensory and motor signals destined for the telencephalon. Thalamus
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Projection fibres the internal capsuleProjection fibres the internal capsule
These fibres connect the cerebral cortex to the subcortical centres (such as the corpus striatum, thalamus, brainstem) and the spinal cord. Thalamus
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Neuroscience 3 Thalamus and HypothalamusNeuroscience 3 Thalamus and Hypothalamus
Give examples of how individual thalamic nuclei contribute to the functional systems of the brain. Thalamus
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Question: The lateral geniculate nucleus is a part of what specific structure?Question: The lateral geniculate nucleus is a part of what specific structure?
What are anterograde and retrograde tracing used for? What is the difference between the two? What protein allows anterograde transport to take place? What protein allows retrograde transport to take place?. Thalamus
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Group TypeGroup Type
It receives most of its downstream inputs from a variety of neuronal clusters lying in the medulla and brainstem. The thalamus relays and translates streams of impulses arriving from all its inputs and regulates and transmits processed information to different layers. Thalamus
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