Human head and neck Superior thalamostriate vein

The Lateral Ventricles By Dr. Muhammad Imran Qureshi The Lateral VentriclesThe Lateral Ventricles By Dr. Muhammad Imran Qureshi The Lateral Ventricles
Each lateral ventricle is a roughly “C” shaped cavity within a cerebral hemisphere. Each lateral ventricle wraps itself around the Thalamus, the Lentiform nucleus. Superior thalamostriate vein
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Southeast x-ray, Inc. Apps List / Reports / Template List: StephensonSoutheast x-ray, Inc. Apps List / Reports / Template List: Stephenson
Multiple views of the mandible reveal no evidence for fracture or other significant bone or soft tissue abnormality. Superior thalamostriate vein
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Conflict of interest: none Corresponding AuthorConflict of interest: none Corresponding Author
Evaluation of the role of neurosonography,cranial dupplex doppler and cranial ct in neonatal (non-haemorrhagic) hypoxic-ischemic –encephalopathy in rajah muthiah medical college chidambaram. Superior thalamostriate vein
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The ventricles of the brain include the paired lateral ventricles, 3rd and 4th ventricles. Superior thalamostriate vein
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ـطي The lateral ventricleـطي The lateral ventricle
Is the cavity inside each cerebral hemisphere, it consists of a central part or body (in the parietal lobe) and 3 horns; anterior. Superior thalamostriate vein
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Dural venous sinusesDural venous sinuses
Terminates turning left at internal occipital protuberance & becomes the left transverse sinus. Superior thalamostriate vein
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Sulci & Gyri Central sulcusSulci & Gyri Central sulcus
Superior thalamostriate vein
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