Human head and neck Subarcuate fossa

Supplemental Table Description of characters used in phylogenetic analysisSupplemental Table Description of characters used in phylogenetic analysis
First mental foramen position: inferior to P1. Subarcuate fossa
123.83 Kb. 1
Posterior FossaPosterior Fossa
Sca], anterior inferior cerebellar artery [aica], and posterior inferior cerebellar artery [pica], and three main venous draining groups. Subarcuate fossa
100.14 Kb. 1
Supplementary data 1Supplementary data 1
The specimens are assigned to classes of 10 percent of the average adult brain size. The subarcuate fossa could be measured on 44 of the best preserved specimens taken at random in each age class. The method of measurement is defined in. Subarcuate fossa
56.86 Kb. 1
Subarcuate fossa
61.98 Kb. 1


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