Human head and neck Pupillary response

Friday, March 7, 2014Friday, March 7, 2014
The main idea of this basic research method is to test whether or not a bell and a light switch can be used in order to stimulate and condition a response of pupil dilation. The following were used during the course of this experiment. Pupillary response
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Gustavus Nobel Conference 2014-15 Curriculum MaterialsGustavus Nobel Conference 2014-15 Curriculum Materials
They will subject their body to several tests to collect and analyze data about their personal responses. The ideas of homeostasis and evolutionary advantage are highlighted. This could be an introduction to the nervous system. Pupillary response
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Review of the literatureReview of the literature
Ave been recognized as an important feature in the diagnosis of hereditary peripheral neuropathy over the last century, but reports are mainly of individual cases or single families; there have been no comprehensive studies. Pupillary response
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MBs nmbs do not provide sedative, analgesic or amnestic effects. Concomitant sedation and amnesia (I e., with benzodiazepines) are absolutely necessary when a patient is paralyzed. Analgesia. Pupillary response
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Homeostasis of the Eye IntroductionHomeostasis of the Eye Introduction
Because these properties affect the chemical reactions that keep us alive, we have built-in physiological mechanisms to maintain them at desirable levels. Pupillary response
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