Human head and neck Parapharyngeal space

Case report cavernous haemangioma of parapharyngeal space: a case reportCase report cavernous haemangioma of parapharyngeal space: a case report
Sushil Kumar Kashyap1, Bhoopendra Singh2, Chandra Bhan3, Ajay Pratap Singh4, Mohd. Azeem5. Parapharyngeal space
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Regional anatomy of the headRegional anatomy of the head
Parapharyngeal space
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د.حسين جاسم Salivary glandsد.حسين جاسم Salivary glands
It’s about 3% of all neoplasms, and scattered as 80% in the parotid gland. Parapharyngeal space
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Brief resume of the intended studyBrief resume of the intended study
Hiv infection, steroid therapy, chemotherapy. Low socioeconomic status and poor oral hygiene have been associated with higher rates of odontogenic infections, including Ludwig’s angin. Parapharyngeal space
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Unusual foreign body in submandibular spaceUnusual foreign body in submandibular space
The abscess was drained and the stalk of wheat measuring 5 cms in length, removed in toto. Parapharyngeal space
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