Human head and neck Interpeduncular cistern

Mesencephalon or midbrainMesencephalon or midbrain
Caudally the mesencephalon adjoins the pons (metencephalon) and rostrally it adjoins the diencephalon. Interpeduncular cistern
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Aneurysms, Subarachnoidal Hemorrhage Vas25 Aneurysms, Subarachnoidal HemorrhageAneurysms, Subarachnoidal Hemorrhage Vas25 Aneurysms, Subarachnoidal Hemorrhage
False aneurysms (s pseudoaneurysms) – encapsulation of perivascular hematoma – cavities that lack any components of vessel wall, but communicate with vessel lumen; cavity is lined by blood clot. Interpeduncular cistern
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Meningitis robin Cooke 4 Aug 2010Meningitis robin Cooke 4 Aug 2010
Convulsions may occur. Untreated, the patient becomes unconscious and the mortality is high. Interpeduncular cistern
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