Human head and neck Cricoid cartilage

Skill Sheet Emergency Surgical AirwaySkill Sheet Emergency Surgical Airway
Evaluation: Students will be evaluated as a Pass/Fail (P/F). The instructor will verify the accuracy of the student’s ability to perform an emergency surgical cricothyroidotomy on an airway trainer by means of observing the student’s procedures. Cricoid cartilage
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Skill Sheet Emergency Surgical Airway Using the Cric-KeySkill Sheet Emergency Surgical Airway Using the Cric-Key
Objective: demonstrate the procedure for a surgical airway (cricothyroidotomy) using the Cric-Key. Cricoid cartilage
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Prosthetic laryngoplastyProsthetic laryngoplasty
Make an 8-10cm incision immediately ventral and parallel to the linguofacial vein extending rostrally from the point at which the vein crosses the sternomandibularis muscle. Cricoid cartilage
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Central DuPage Hospital Emergency Servics systemCentral DuPage Hospital Emergency Servics system
The primary consideration in the management of any seriously ill patient is establishment of the airway. Simple maneuvers and treatment may be used but definitive airway control may be needed. Cricoid cartilage
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Supplementary information Supplementary methods SurgerySupplementary information Supplementary methods Surgery
The surgery was repeated on the other side of the animal. The same procedure was performed in the sham-surgery control, except the fibrous mass was left intact. In the no-surgery control males there was no surgery or anaesthesia. Cricoid cartilage
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