Human head and neck Cerebellum

Cerebellar Disorders Mov5 Cerebellar DisordersCerebellar Disorders Mov5 Cerebellar Disorders
Cerebellum functions to coordinate willed movements and postures – unless patient can make voluntary muscular contractions, cerebellum cannot be tested clinically!. Cerebellum
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Cerebellar and brainstem malformationsCerebellar and brainstem malformations
From the Section of Pediatric Neuroradiology, Division of Pediatric Radiology, Russell H. Morgan Department of Radiology and Radiological Science, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, md, usa. Cerebellum
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Modulation of Movement by the CerebellumModulation of Movement by the Cerebellum
Describe the circuitry involved in the main excitatory loop and inhibitory side-loop through the cerebellum. Cerebellum
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Cerebellum anatomyCerebellum anatomy
A midline central structure, known as the vermis. Two lateral cerebellar hemispheres. The cerebellum can also be divided in the following manner. Cerebellum
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Harrison Chan Christina ZavalaHarrison Chan Christina Zavala
Proper cerebellum control creates the graceful smooth walking motion of a normal person. The combination of balance and muscle control allows humans to run, walk, and crawl in almost any way or direction. Cerebellum
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Extrapyramydal system, cerebellumExtrapyramydal system, cerebellum
Indicate, which of the listed formations will concern to extrapyramidal system of spinal cord. Cerebellum
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Cerebellum & motor learning 2007 Chris MiallCerebellum & motor learning 2007 Chris Miall
Rothwell jc. Control of human voluntary movement. Croom Helm, 1987 Not to bad for basic physiology & clinical emphasis rather weak on theoretical framework. Cerebellum
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