Human head and neck Anterior communicating artery

Amgylada-emotion hippocampus-memoryAmgylada-emotion hippocampus-memory
Hypoperfusion-decreased blood supply to the brain and brain stem caused by massive bleeding elsewhere in the body. Anterior communicating artery
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Simulation of blood flow within the brainSimulation of blood flow within the brain
This report is produced under the supervision of bioe310 instructor Prof. Linninger. Anterior communicating artery
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Worst headache of my lifeWorst headache of my life
Marfan's syndrome. In descending order, the most common locations for aneurysms are on the acom, pcom, mca, basilar and vertebral arteries. Anterior communicating artery
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Arteries of the brainArteries of the brain
The brain is supplied by the two internal carotid and two vertebral arteries. The four arteries lie within the subarachnoid space. Anterior communicating artery
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Stroke Module Hospital Scene C, Act 1Stroke Module Hospital Scene C, Act 1
Student clicks on “Run ct angiogram” and video pops up, showing a patient having a ct angiogram scan. Move to Act 2. Anterior communicating artery
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Find these components on models or book picturesFind these components on models or book pictures
Anterior communicating artery
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