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Audit for Dentists in WalesAudit for Dentists in Wales
This form should be completed when claiming funding. Please submit your claim form in Hard Copy and send to Nicola Dempsey to the address below. Welsh dentists
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Introduction and BackgroundIntroduction and Background
Smoking is linked specifically to a range of oral diseases, including periodontal disease and oral cance a recent systematic review2 suggested that smoking and tobacco control interventions in the dental setting that include oral examination and counselling are. Welsh dentists
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Dental Survey Protocol Epidemiological survey of school year 1Dental Survey Protocol Epidemiological survey of school year 1
This protocol supports the planning and delivery of the nhs co-ordinated survey of school year 1 children in Wales. It outlines processes and standards to ensure that data collected is of high quality and is comparable across Wales. Welsh dentists
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Written statement by the welsh governmentWritten statement by the welsh government
The Welsh Government provided a remit to the nhs pay Review Body and to the Review Body on Doctors’ and Dentists’ Remuneration (ddrb). Welsh dentists
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North Wales ldc meeting Kinmel ManorNorth Wales ldc meeting Kinmel Manor
D plunkett, r shaw, j williams, a hawkes, I douglas, g lloyd, cath duBourg, s mawson Ette Ntekim y hopkins s sandham Tom Gregg, Ben Lewis, Raj Jotangia. Welsh dentists
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[jacd16a: Manuscript Priming] Moral Priming and the acd basic Rule[jacd16a: Manuscript Priming] Moral Priming and the acd basic Rule
The observed effect of priming was large. The Acd rule for Moral Identity states that when there is conflict between professionalism and economic or other self-interests, professionalism takes precedence. [end of abstract]. Welsh dentists
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Guide to the information published byGuide to the information published by
David Gale, The Specialist orthodontic Referral Centre, 37 East Street, Fareham, po16 0DF. Welsh dentists
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All wales epidemiological survey of nursing and residential home oral health policy and care 2006/7. Welsh dentists
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National Public Health Service for WalesNational Public Health Service for Wales
Wales in line with the bascd criteria. The use of the protocol ensures that data resulting from the survey can be used to make comparisons locally over time. Welsh dentists
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