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Teledentistry: a review and an updateTeledentistry: a review and an update
Senior Lecturer, Department of Public Health Dentistry, Terna Dental College, Nerul Navimumbai, Maharashtra, India. Teledentistry
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Board of dental examinersBoard of dental examiners
Agency name: Maine Board of Dental Examiners. Teledentistry
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State Board of Dentistry Meeting Summary January 23, 2015 Report from Board CounselState Board of Dentistry Meeting Summary January 23, 2015 Report from Board Counsel
Governor Tom Wolf signed an executive order revising the code of conduct for state employees and licensing board members. This includes a ban on accepting gifts. Teledentistry
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Bill Description StatusBill Description Status
Provides that employers are not liable for civil damages resulting from an act or omission of its employee who renders emergency care at the scene of an emergency. Teledentistry
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Request for Proposals (rfp) for fy2014Request for Proposals (rfp) for fy2014
Medicaid providers (training sites); or consortia consisting of members of one or both groups. Individual providers applying alone are not eligible for grants, nor are clinical training sites or institutions outside of Minnesota. Teledentistry
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Draft schrduleDraft schrdule
The Sixth International Conference on Digital Information & Communication Technology & its Applications (dictap2016). Teledentistry
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Presented by: Colleen M. Brickle rdh, rf, Edd institution and addressPresented by: Colleen M. Brickle rdh, rf, Edd institution and address
An Innovative Community Outreach Model: An Educational Approach That Expands Opportunities and Targets Access to Oral Health Care Needs. Teledentistry
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Teledentistry Section One: PreambleTeledentistry Section One: Preamble
Therefore, practitioners must apply existing laws and regulations to the provision of teledentistry services. The Board issues this guidance document to assist practitioners with the application of current laws to teledentistry service. Teledentistry
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Digest and purposeDigest and purpose
Dental Services Program and recommended various changes to help eliminate abuse of the system. H. B. 3507 sets forth provisions related to student loan repayment, delegation, alternative training for dental hygienists, and teledentistry. Teledentistry
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Teledentistry Network at ParanĂ¡, BrazilTeledentistry Network at ParanĂ¡, Brazil
M. C. Morita1, 5, E. E. Tanaka1, M. Fujimaki2, M. H. B. Pinto1, E. Schmitt3, A. E. Haddad4. Teledentistry
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The Scottish Highlands and Islands Remote Dental Care Program IntroductionThe Scottish Highlands and Islands Remote Dental Care Program Introduction
The gdps deal with all routine dental care, but each year a few hundred patients have to travel a considerable distance to hospital in Aberdeen for specialist advice, diagnosis and a treatment plan to manage complex restorative. Teledentistry
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