Dentistry Mesowear

Horses: The Past to the Present Shellie StephensHorses: The Past to the Present Shellie Stephens
We use horses for pleasure, so we owe it to them to learn to try and understand them, and to treat them kindlyā€¯ (Ransford). Mesowear
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Table summary statistics Number of specimensTable summary statistics Number of specimens
Table summary statistics (Number of specimens N, mean m and standard deviation sd) of dental mesowear score (MwS) of extant and extinct ruminants. Mesowear
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General animal welfare topicsGeneral animal welfare topics
Animal Welfare and Meat Production, 2nd edition. Wallingford, Oxfordshire, uk: cab international, 2007;299. Mesowear
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N u d u m omen number 31 Published December 2011N u d u m omen number 31 Published December 2011
Taylor & Francis : Dr Stephen McLoughlin, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm. Mesowear
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Curriculum Vitae Jeremy L. GreenCurriculum Vitae Jeremy L. Green
Earned tenure and was promoted to Associate Professor within the Regional Campus system at Kent State University. Mesowear
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Toward Integrative Phytolith ResearchToward Integrative Phytolith Research
Since its creation, new phytolith images have been added as well as other odb have been incorporated to PhytCore. All of this has highlighted the need to create a space to facilitate exchange of information and promote fruitful discussions. Mesowear
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