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Partial denture designPartial denture design
The most important thing to consider during designing a partial denture is to control all the movements and prevent them. Lingual plate
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More sinus pathology referrals are needed from medical radiologists to dentistsMore sinus pathology referrals are needed from medical radiologists to dentists
The danger is that infected teeth that produce sinus floor pathology can be the source of bacteria that travel through the blood stream and tissue spaces to infect other areas of the body including the heart. Lingual plate
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Implant dentistry (2)Implant dentistry (2)
Today we are going to talk about the second part of dento-implat surgeries and the advanced techniques to treat those difficult patients. Lingual plate
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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Today, we will talk about partial denture designبسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Today, we will talk about partial denture design
We do the design for certain reasons and there are certain rules which must be taken into consideration. Lingual plate
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Evaluating 3rd molar impactionsEvaluating 3rd molar impactions
Evaluation of the proximity of third molar roots to the canal is essential in treatment planning to avoid surgery if the roots are close to the canal. Lingual plate
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5 modified swing-lock: a new approach Walid Sadig, bds, ms,a and Faisal Fahmi, bbs5 modified swing-lock: a new approach Walid Sadig, bds, ms,a and Faisal Fahmi, bbs
Rpd by use of a vertical bar and plastic clip attachment as an alternative to the hinge and latch attachment. The suggested modification hi the locking mechanism may overcome some of the problems associated with the conventional swing-lock. Lingual plate
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Vinnitsya national pirogov memorialVinnitsya national pirogov memorial
Extraction of the teeth. Armamentarium used in oral surgery. Principlesof oral surgery. Pre-extraction clinical assessment. Lingual plate
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Oral surgery introductionOral surgery introduction
The resulting relief from pain and infection invariably earns the dental therapist a real sense of gratitude from the thankful patient. Lingual plate
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Different runways for edentulous areasDifferent runways for edentulous areas
Designing a removable partial denture is often a daunting task for a clinician. The two main difficulties encountered are 1 to obtain suitable retention and 2 stability of denture to horizontal and vertical displacemen. Lingual plate
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Topics to be covered today areTopics to be covered today are
Added to that, the rpi system places very little metal parts of the denture on the abutment teeth surfaces. That keeps the gingival margins of the natural teeth exposed to the self cleansing actions of the tongue and saliva. Lingual plate
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Prosto 6 13/3 The indirect retainerProsto 6 13/3 The indirect retainer
Indirect retainer : a part of an rpd which assists the direct retainers in preventing displacement of distal extension bases. Lingual plate
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First: outlineFirst: outline
The difference btn class 1 or 2 and class 3 is that class 3 rpd is tooth supported but both class 1 and 2 are mucosa tooth supported. Lingual plate
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Pros midterm study questionsPros midterm study questions
In chronological order of accomplishment, give the six sequential, correlated phases in treating a partially edentulous patient with removable prostheses. Lingual plate
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Chapter 5: Oral Surgery IntroductionChapter 5: Oral Surgery Introduction
It takes time for a dentist to become an expert exodontist. The practitioner must be familiar with many surgical procedures and adhere to a set of principles to provide the best possible treatment for his patients. Lingual plate
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Removable prosthodonticsRemovable prosthodontics
Aah. Usually 1 mm deep. It is prepared on the upper cast with a wax knife in the shape of a cuspi’s bow; or by adding low fusing impression compound along the back of the palatal surface of a correctly extended denture. Lingual plate
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