Dentistry Jaw claudication

Differentials for claudicationDifferentials for claudication
Result of atherosclerotic blockages more proximal to affected area. Causes reduced blood flow to mms, pain in buttock area 1st, then may spread downwards. Jaw claudication
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Core Diagnostic criteria (essential)Core Diagnostic criteria (essential)
Bence Jones protein. A urine dipstick should also be checked for blood and protein. Jaw claudication
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Ite review: Must Know Immune Disorders The Immunocompromised PatientIte review: Must Know Immune Disorders The Immunocompromised Patient
Increasing numbers of immunocompromised patients present to ed must be able to recognize and treat possible infectious complications of cancer, dm, renal failure, cirrhosis, asplenism, hiv, transplant patients. Jaw claudication
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Overview of peripheral arterial diseaseOverview of peripheral arterial disease
Pad affects approximately 20% of adults older than 55. I about half of all people with pad are asymptomatic. The prevalence of pad increases with age and prolonged exposure to smoking, hypertension, and diabetes. Jaw claudication
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Discussions in neuro-ophthalmic diseaseDiscussions in neuro-ophthalmic disease
Course Description: Case presentations provide a springboard for in-depth discussion of several neuro-ophthalmic conditions. Emphasis is placed on understanding the presentation. Jaw claudication
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Mcqs in Rheumatology: Clinical Sciences ContributorsMcqs in Rheumatology: Clinical Sciences Contributors
Contributors: These questions were written by Dr Fran Rees, Dr Sachin Khetan, Dr Pravin Patil, and Dr Michelle Hui; and were reviewed by Dr Ira Pande and Prof Michael Doherty. Dr A abhishek facilitated the review process and also edited. Jaw claudication
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Ophthalmic Manifestations of Giant Cell ArteritisOphthalmic Manifestations of Giant Cell Arteritis
In eye mostly Posterior Ciliary Artery (pca), then Central Retinal Artery (cra), rarely Ophthalmic Artery (OA). Never Branch Retinal Artery. Jaw claudication
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Diagnostic guideline d5, neuroimaging for headacheDiagnostic guideline d5, neuroimaging for headache
Neuroimaging is not covered in patients with a defined tension or migraine type of headache, or a variation of their usual headache. Jaw claudication
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Diagnosis and initial management of Giant Cell ArtheritisDiagnosis and initial management of Giant Cell Artheritis
Consider urgent referral for IV methylprednisolone if evolving visual symptoms or amaurosis fugax. Jaw claudication
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Pmr clinical manifestations and test resultsPmr clinical manifestations and test results
Diagnostic criteria: Salvarani review (nejm 2002) Table 1 p 261 pmr; 2 sets of criteria, each requires all features present for dx. Jaw claudication
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Robert Wang, od, faao giant Cell Arteritis? Second ChancesRobert Wang, od, faao giant Cell Arteritis? Second Chances
Abstract: Sixty four year old white male arriving in clinic with signs of giant cell arteritis refusing advanced care and then lost to follow up. Patient returns to clinic with signs of recalcitrant giant cell arteritis. Jaw claudication
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Neuro-ophthalmology Essentials Giant Cell Arteritis DefinitionNeuro-ophthalmology Essentials Giant Cell Arteritis Definition
Definition: gca is an idiopathic, systemic, autoimmune, medium and large artery vasculitis with a predilection for the extracranial branches of the carotid, the aorta and its large branches. Jaw claudication
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Polymyalgia RheumaticaPolymyalgia Rheumatica
She denies fevers, night sweats, unintentional weight loss, headache, temporal tenderness or jaw claudication. Past medical history is mostly notable for sports injuries from her previously active lifestyle. Jaw claudication
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Systemic vasculitisSystemic vasculitis
The nomenclature of systemic vasculidites has been organized per the Chapel Hill Consensus Conference (chcc) in 1994 according to the size of vessels involved, although overlap can be seen, particularly in small-vessel vasculitidites. Jaw claudication
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Guidelines for assessment, investigation and acute management of Giant Cell ArteritisGuidelines for assessment, investigation and acute management of Giant Cell Arteritis
Temporal artery biopsy is the ‘gold standard’ diagnostic test and is extremely helpful in the management of patients and who do not respond to long term treatment as would be expected. Jaw claudication
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