Dentistry Apicoectomy

Rct chart: NoteRct chart: Note
Dr recommends rct. Risks, rewards and alternatives have been explained to pt. Pt consents to treatment and finances. Tooth was isolated with rubber dam, accessed, irrigated with sodium hypochlorite, cleaned and shaped. Apicoectomy
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Dental Procedure Blog seriesDental Procedure Blog series
The following series of blogs will cover the different areas of dentistry. The aim is to simplify and explain the jargon that patients encounter in the normal course of dental visit. It is based on the Ontario Dental Association’s procedure categories. Apicoectomy
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Paths’ Community Dental Center Encounter FormPaths’ Community Dental Center Encounter Form
Patient Name: Date of Service. Apicoectomy
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Dental treatment consent formDental treatment consent form
Dentist’s Name Patient’s Name. Apicoectomy
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Mandatory Prior Authorization Chart Connecticut Dental Pediatric ehbMandatory Prior Authorization Chart Connecticut Dental Pediatric ehb
Re-evaluation limited, problem focused (established patient; not post-operative visit). Apicoectomy
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Informed consent for surgical endodontic therapyInformed consent for surgical endodontic therapy
During the procedure, your root(s) will be checked for fracture. If a fracture is found, the affected root or possibly the entire tooth may have to be removed. Significant loss of supporting bone may require guided tissue regeneration. Apicoectomy
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Consent for apicoectomyConsent for apicoectomy
This disclosure is not meant to alarm you, but rather is an effort to properly inform you so that you may give or withhold your consent. Apicoectomy
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Endodontic TreatmentEndodontic Treatment
I am being provided this information and consent form so I may better understand the recommended treatment. Before beginning, I will be provided with enough information, in a way I can understand. Apicoectomy
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Manuscript Type: Case ReportManuscript Type: Case Report
Surgical treatment of cementoblastoma associated with apicoectomy and endodontic therapy: Case report. Apicoectomy
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Oral Surgery ImprintOral Surgery Imprint
Załącznik nr 3 do procedury opracowywania i okresowego przeglądu programów kształcenia. Apicoectomy
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Primary Species – Dog (2012)Primary Species – Dog (2012)
Fulton et al. 2012. Outcome of surgical endodontic treatment in dogs: 15 cases (1995-2011). Javma 241(12): 1633-1638. Apicoectomy
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Customer: aaid-joi-d-11-00127Customer: aaid-joi-d-11-00127
Active Iimplant Pperiapical Llesions Lleading to Iimplant Ffailure : Ttwo Ccase Rreports. Apicoectomy
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