Carson School Dress Code

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Carson School Dress Code

Students and adults will wear clothing that:reflects a positive image appropriate for Carson Elementary School.

The following is a list of clothing or accessories inappropriate for Carson School.
1. Overly revealing or provocative

2. Logos on shirts that are

3. Jewelry or accessories that are potentially dangerous (spiked bracelets)

1. If a student is found to be wearing an article of clothing considered inappropriate or offensive they may be asked by a teacher or principal to remove or reverse the offensive item or borrow an alternate piece of clothing from a friend to cover up. They will then be asked to arrange with a parent/guardian for an immediate change of clothing.
2. If the individual does not comply with the request the consequence will be a phone call to the parent/guardian and removal of the student from the school.
3. If an adult is wearing clothing inappropriate to the Elementary School setting, the principal will speak to them about the importance of modelling clothing suitable for elementary school.

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