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3 – 37 West Ave S Hamilton ON L8N 2S2

Dreadlocks are a permanent hairstyle and fairly expensive, and I understand that getting dreadlocks is not allowed by all parents. Since minors in general are still living with their parent(s) or guardian(s) and by their rules, all minors getting dreadlocks, and at least one parent or guardian, must read and sign the following form. This form is simply intended so that parents are fully informed and that their consent is verified for every minor getting dreadlocks.

--Meredith Broughton
I acknowledge by signing this agreement that I have been given the full opportunity to ask any and all questions I might have about the obtaining of dreadlocks from Meredith Broughton and that all of my questions have been answered to my full and total satisfaction. I specifically acknowledge by initialling here that I have read this document and have been advised of the facts set forth below, and I agree as follows:
Minor’s initial here: _______________ Parent/Guardian’s initial here: _______________
I acknowledge that dreadlocks are a fairly permanent hairstyle that takes a significant amount of time and work to form. In most circumstances, but not all, they can be removed by reversing the dreadlocking process with a great deal of careful combing. Understanding this, I am fully comfortable with letting __________________ get dreadlocks:
Minor’s initial here: _______________ Parent/Guardian’s initial here: _______________
I acknowledge that dreadlocks do not form “instantly” and that the care of the dreadlocks afterwards will affect how they form. I realize that individual hair texture and length will result in variations in the type of dreadlocks that form.
Minor’s initial here: _______________ Parent/Guardian’s initial here: _______________
I acknowledge that public perception of dreadlocks will vary, and not all reactions will be positive. I also affirm that as far as I am aware, dreadlocks will not interfere with regulations in place at a job the minor currently works at or a school the minor currently attends.
Minor’s initial here: _______________ Parent/Guardian’s initial here: _______________
I release all rights to any photographs taken of the dreadlocks before and after their formation, and give my complete advance consent for their reproduction in any print or electronic form, or exibition in any venue.
I agree. (Minor’s initial here): _______________ and (Parent/Guardian’s initial here): _______________

I DO NOT agree. (Minor’s initial here): _______________ and (Parent/Guardian’s initial here): _______________

I agree to release and hold harmless Meredith Broughton from any and all claims, damages, or legal actions arising from or connected in any way with my dreadlocks or the procedure or products used for their formation
Minor’s initial here: _______________ Parent/Guardian’s initial here: _______________
Please print:
Minor’s Name:_________________________________________ Phone: (_____)_________________

Address:________________________________ City & Province___________________________

Birth Date:_____________Age today:______ Signature:______________________________
Parent/Guardian’s Name:_____________________________________Phone: (_____)_____________

Address:_____________________________ City & Province___________________________

Office Use Only:

Dreadlocks’ Description:________________________________________________________________

Payment :________________ Date Dreadlocks Completed:___________________

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