Brianna, Cate, Kevin, Matt Fields of Forensic Science

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Brianna, Cate, Kevin, Matt

Fields of Forensic Science

1. Name three specialized fields of forensics.

2. Which one of these studies the possibility of poison as the cause of death?

a. Forensic Taxonomy

b. Forensic Serology

c. Forensic Toxicology

d. Forensic Entomology

3. Who was the king who was found recently in a parking lot by a forensic anthropologist?

a. Julius Caesar

b. Stalin

c. Neptune

d. Richard III

4. If someone found a ransome note at a crime scene, who would examine it?

5. Which of these would deal with the collapse of a building after a fire?

a. Forensic Anthropology

b. Forensic Engineering

c. Forensic Ondontology

d. Forensic Archaeology

Alyssa Nicole Maggie Michele Stephanie

Name three specialized fields of forensics.

Forensic Archeology is…

  1. recovery of scattered or buried remains

  2. bite mark analysis

  3. use of insects to aid investigation

  4. computer based, internet crimes

If a structure fails or doesn’t function as expected what kind of scientist will investigate?

Forensic Document Examination deals with…

  1. handwriting analysis

  2. wildlife

  3. events prior to death

  4. blood testing

What type of scientist studies disease?

When a victim survives what type of scientist deals with them?

  1. Forensic Nurse

  2. Forensic Pathologist

  3. Forensic Serologist

  4. Forensic Toxicologist

Teddy Daros, Addison Burdett, Dillon Gray, Connor Holiday, Brett Lowrie, Anthony Norberto

  1. What is the difference between “Cause of death” and “Mechanism of death”?

  1. Which choice is a Manner of death?

A: Natural

B: Accidental

C: Homicide

D: Suicide

E: All of the above

  1. All of the following can be used to determine the time of death except:

A: Rigor Mortis

B: Liver Mortis

C: Cranium Mortis

D: Algor Mortis

  1. Blunt Trauma is damage to the __________.

  1. The following substances have been known to cause death from overdosing except:

A: Alcohol

B: Marijuana

C: Cough syrup

D: Cocaine

)What is the “Cause of death”?

2)What is the “Manner of Death”?

3) What is the stiffening of the muscles due to the chemical reaction of glycogen?

a) Livor mortis

b) Rigor Mortis

c) Cats

d) Algor mortis

4) What does Cyanide do?

a) Interferes with oxygenation to the brain

b) Causes internal bleeding in the stomach

c) Causes liver cancer

d) Causes blood clots in the arteries

1) What is Pathology?

2) What is an autopsy?

3) What is the stiffening of the muscles due to the chemical reaction of glycogen?

a) Livor mortis

b) Rigor Mortis

c) Cats

d) Algor mortis

Alyssa, Brett, Addison, Michele, Miguel, Stephanie, Maggie

What is the difference between a shotgun and a handgun?

The interruption of oxygen to the brain is known as…

  1. Asphyxia

  2. Ethanol

  3. Ligature

  4. Stippling

What is the most common depressant?

  1. Allergy Medication

  2. Advil

  3. Ethanol

  4. Vitamins

If a person has asthma and drowns because they cannot breathe what is the cause of death and what is the mechanism of death?

All of the following are manners of death EXCEPT:

  1. Natural

  2. Accidental

  3. Homicidal

  4. Mechanical

  5. Suicidal

Dana & Carla

What are the four ways death can be caused?

What are these four ways classified as?

What is the difference between distant wound and short exit wound?

What is the most abused drug found in forensic pathology?

  1. Marijuana

  2. Heroine

  3. Ethanol

  4. Ketamine

What is the post mortem cooling of the body?

  1. Livor Mortis

  2. Rigor Mortis

  3. Algor Mortis

  4. Digor Mortis

What is a tumor of blood caused by leakage from damaged blood vessels?

a) Contusion

b) Hematoma

c) Lacerations

d) Stippling

  1. Which came first, the cause of death or the mechanism of death?

  2. How long will rigor mortis last for?

  3. If a gunshot wound has stippling, where was it shot from?

    1. behind

    2. far away

    3. close or intermediate range

    4. through a glass window

  4. Which of the following is NOT a kind of trauma?

    1. Chemical

    2. Electrical

    3. Mechanical

    4. Phobical

  5. If a man is found lying in a large pool of his own blood, what did he most likely die from?

    1. Excerebration

    2. Exsanguination

    3. Exasperation

    4. Exacerbation

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