Brain Performance Institute Fast Facts October 9, 2017 why a brain performance institute?

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Brain Performance Institute

Fast Facts

October 9, 2017


  • The national headquarters for the Brain Performance Institute™ is the first institute in the world focused on delivering scientifically based programs that increase brain performance, enhance brain resilience and incite brain regeneration to the public at large.

    • In the same way that we can improve our bodies through positive lifestyle habits, we can increase our focus, creativity, and mental efficiency with targeted strategies and healthy brain habits.

  • The Brain Performance Institute, part of the Center for BrainHealth® at The University of Texas at Dallas, delivers science-based innovations that enhance how individuals think, work, and live. The Brain Performance Institute™ was conceived by UT Dallas visionaries, leaders at the Center for BrainHealth, cognitive neuroscience experts, research clinicians and community advocates.

  • The brand new, 62,000-square-foot, brain-healthy building opens to the public on Thursday, October 19. It is located at 2200 West Mockingbird Lane in Dallas.

  • The Brain Performance Institute offers programs and globally relevant scientific events in an inspiring, learning-enhancing environment. Via mobile and virtual training teams, we are able to ensure that our life-enhancing, scientifically based programs will be available both at this location and beyond.


  • Brain Performance Institute’s four major programming categories are:

    • BrainHealth® Physical (brain performance assessment) – this provides neuropsychological and cognitive assessments that focus on frontal lobe function – the area of the brain responsible for performing higher-order thinking, problem solving, and innovation.

    • Cognitive training – provides strategies and promotes habits that can help sharpen and strengthen your brain performance.

    • Social cognitive training – a game-based learning environment that helps people up their “social IQ”….Its roots are in working with people on the autism spectrum.

    • Mindfulness - a form of cognitive training that helps decision making and focus in in stressful environments

  • Page, a leading international architecture and engineering firm based in Dallas, drew inspiration for the building’s design from human brain anatomy, specifically the part of the brain responsible for higher-order thinking, the brain’s frontal lobes. Brain training rooms, event spaces and other clinical offerings are housed in an elliptical, three-story, glass structure connected to a more traditional rectangular building filled with administrative offices.


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  • The Brain Performance Institute will host a Grand Opening Public Open House on Thursday, October 19 with a variety of free programs and experiences offered all day beginning at 7:30 a.m. The day concludes with a ticketed evening event with thought leaders in the world of brain performance. Activities include:

    • A “Train Your Brain” breakfast lecture led by Dee O’Neill, program manager for corporate brain training programs, that will give takeaway strategies on how to engage our brains, especially when we are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

    • A lunchtime lecture on “Managing Stress In & Out of Work” led by Brain Performance Institute Clinician, Jill Hill, JD. Attendees will learn about the effects of stress on the brain and how to better manage everyday brain stressors.

    • An evening lecture by Dr. Geoffrey Ling, internationally recognized neurologist, scientist and humanitarian and other thought leaders in the world of brain performance.

    • Activities happening throughout the day include: Meditation Classes by Mastermind Studio, Senior Moments: To Worry or Not to Worry, Optimizing Mental Energy: Giving your Brain the Boost It Needs, “Do Something New”, Embracing a State of Mindfulness, Virtual Reality and Social Cognition, Brain Healthy Workplaces, Eating a Brain Healthy Diet, How Do We Think?, A Look into Our Brains, Balancing Life with Tai Chi. *Please note, these offerings are subject to change.

  • For more information and to register for grand opening activities, please visit brainperformance or call (214) 905-3007

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