Belsky, Robert The Kennedy Connection 2014

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Belsky, Robert The Kennedy Connection 2014

A discredited journalist starts making headlines when he discovers a connection between the fiftieth anniversary of JFK's assassination and two back-to-back murders in New York City.

Bouman, Tom Dry Bones in the Valley 2014

The lone police officer in a rural Northern Pennsylvania town finds trouble on the heels of the gas drilling which has brought money, crime, and drugs into the territory, and must investigate a murder that tears at old wounds.
Cain, Susan Quiet: The Power of Introverts … 2012

Demonstrates how introverted people are misunderstood and undervalued in modern culture, charting the rise of extrovert ideology while sharing anecdotal examples of how to use introvert talents to adapt to various situations. (CD, EB, LT)

Dahl, Julia Invisible City 2014

Investigating the murder of a Hasidic Jewish woman, who because of religious laws will be buried without an autopsy, journalist Rebekah Roberts intercedes to prevent the woman's killer from getting away with the crime.

Dillon, Lucy A Hundred Pieces of Me 2014

Reeling from her recent divorce, Gina Bellamy suddenly finds herself figuring out how to live on her own. Determined to make a fresh start--with her beloved rescued greyhound by her side--Gina knows drastic measures are in order.
Ephron, Delia Sister, Mother, Husband, Dog, Etc. 2013

This collection of personal stories and essays from the best-selling author and screenwriter describes her relationship with her late sister, Nora, and offers moving and humorous anecdotes on their mutual love, respect and sibling rivalry. (CD, LT)

French, Tana The Secret Place 2014

Investigating a photograph of a boy whose murder was never solved, aspiring Murder Squad member Stephen Moran partners with detective Antoinette Conway to search for answers in the cliques and rivalries at a Dublin boarding school. (CD, LT)

Grierson, Bruce What Makes Olga Run? 2014

A profile of the record-holding ninety-three-year-old track star Olga Kotelko aims to reveal some of the mysteries of the aging process by discussing her diet, sleep habits, personality traits, and family history.

Grimes, Martha Vertigo 42 2014

MWA Grandmaster Grimes pays tribute to Hitchcock in her 23rd mystery featuring London policeman Richard Jury.

Hamilton, Steve Let it Burn 2013

Reluctantly returning to Detroit to reconnect with a woman and confront the trauma of a shooting that left his partner dead, Alex McKnight investigates an untapped clue and discovers that the man sentenced for the crime may not have been the killer. (LT, CD)

Hannah, Sophie The Monogram Murders 2014

A mystery featuring Agatha Christie's legendary hero follows Hercule Poirot as he tries to solve a diabolically clever puzzle in 1920s London that will put his keen skills of detection to the test. (LT)

La Seur, Carrie The Home Place 2014

In the wake of her sister's death, lawyer Alma Terrebonne is forced to return home to rural Montana to deal with the family trouble she thought she'd left behind, and discovers that her sister's death may not have been an accident.

McVeigh, Jennifer Fever Tree 2013

Forced to abandon her life of privilege in 1880 London and relocate to the Southern Cape of Africa, Francis Irvine becomes entangled with two very different men including one driven by ambition and another by his ideals, a circumstance that is complicated by a smallpox epidemic and the dark side of diamond mining.  (LT)
Miller, Sue The Arsonist 2014

A series of summer house fires exposes deep social faults in the hometown of Frankie Rowley, who makes unsettling discoveries about her aging parents while engaging in an affair with a local journalist. (CD, LT)
Mina, Denise Still Midnight 2010

When three armed men invade a quiet Glasgow home and demand audience with a person who does not live there, Alex Morrow investigates their apparent mistake, a situation that escalates as violent acts are committed against the hostages. (CD)
Morton, Kate Secret Keeper 2012

Withdrawing from a family party to the solitude of her tree house, sixteen-year-old Laurel Nicolson witnesses a shocking murder that throughout a subsequent half century shapes her beliefs, her acting career, and the lives of three strangers from vastly different cultures. (CD, LT)
Mott, Jason The Returned 2013

When their son Jacob, who died tragically at his eighth birthday party in 1966, arrives on their doorstep, still eight years old, Harold and Lucille Hargrave must navigate a strange new reality as chaos erupts around the world as people's loved ones are returned from beyond.

Patchett, Ann State of Wonder 2011

A researcher at a pharmaceutical company, Marina Singh journeys into the heart of the Amazonian delta to check on a field team that has been silent for two years--a dangerous assignment that forces Marina to confront the ghosts of her past. (BDK, CD, LT)
Quindlen, Anna Still Life with Bread Crumbs 2014

Abandoning her expensive world to move to a small country cabin, a once world-famous photographer bonds with a local man and begins to see the world around her in new, deeper dimensions while evaluating second chances at love, career and self-understanding. (CD, EB, LT)

Racculia, Kate Bellweather Rhapsody 2014

A young music prodigy goes missing from a hotel room that was the site of an infamous murder-suicide 15 years earlier, renewing trauma for a bridesmaid who witnessed the first crime and rallying an eccentric cast of characters during a snowstorm that traps everyone on the grounds.

Salvalaggio, Karin Bone Dust White 2014

When Grace Adams witness the murder of her mother, who abandoned her eleven years earlier, Detective Macy Greeley struggles for answers as she investigates the case and reopens old wounds while hunting down the killer.

Chapter One
Book Talking New Releases
October 2014
Andrews, Donna The Nightingale Before Christmas 10/21/2014

Assisting a huge Christmas-themed decorator show house event, Meg is challenged to prove Mother's innocence when the latter is accused of murdering an ego-sensitive designer.

Bear, Greg War Dogs 10/14/2014

First entry in a new trilogy by the best-selling author of Eon follows the arrival of highly advanced alien visitors to Earth who bring sophisticated technology while imparting warnings of an antagonistic race that has already established a base on Mars.

Childs, Laura Gossamer Ghost 10/07/2014

Discovering a murdered body at a neighboring antiques shop, scrapbooker Carmela Bertrand uncovers links to the theft of a priceless death mask in a case that involves several possible suspects.

Cussler, Clive Havana Storm 10/28/2014

Investigating a toxic outbreak in the Caribbean Sea that is threatening the United States, Dirk Pitt is embroiled in a post-Castro power struggle for control of Cuba; while his children, Dirk Jr. and Summer, embark on a high-stakes treasure hunt.

Davidson, MaryJanice Undead and Unwary 10/07/2014

Vampire queen Betsy Taylor puts her most formidable skills to the test to outwit a nefarious devil relative.

Faber, Michael Book of Strange New Things 10/28/2014

Called to perform missionary work on a world light years away where the natives are fascinated by the concepts he introduces, man of faith Peter Leigh finds his beliefs tested when he learns of natural disasters that are tearing Earth apart.

Dallas, Sandra Quilt for Christmas 10/14/2014

Sewing a quilt during the months she waits for her husband to return from the Civil War, Eliza Spooner bonds with other women in the face of a terrible loss and makes a difficult choice when she is asked to help an escaped slave.

Grisham, John Gray Mountain 10/21/2014

Losing her job at New York City's largest law firm in the weeks after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Samantha becomes an unpaid intern in a small Appalachian community, where she stumbles upon dangerous secrets.

Hart, Carolyn Ghost Wanted 10/07/2014

Ghostly gumshoe Bailey Ruth Raeburn investigates a prankster at Adelaide's college library whose escalating mischief is disrupting the matchmaking practices of a gentle ghost.

Hilderbrand, Elin Winter Street 10/14/2014

A family reunion at Kelley Quinn's Nantucket inn is thrown into turmoil by his four adult children's personal dramas and the discovery of his second wife's infidelity.

Johansen, Iris Perfect Witness 10/08/2014

A stand-alone thriller by the author of the Eve Duncan series follows the experiences of a woman with an eidetic memory who has spent her life in the Witness Protection Program and who is forced to run for her life when her cover is exposed.

Kinsella, Sophie Shopaholic to the Stars 10/21/2014

Joining her husband in Los Angeles, Becky Bloomwood pursues work as an A-list celebrity stylist only to find herself caught between two rival stars, a situation that is further complicated by her father's mysterious agenda.

Laurens, Stephanie By Winter’s Light 10/28/2014

The author returns to romantic Scotland to usher in a new generation of Cynsters in an enchanting tale of mistletoe, magic, and love.

Macomber, Debbie Mr. Miracle 10/07/2014

Assigned to help young college student Addie Folsom get her life back on track, guardian angel Harry Mills poses as a teacher and oversees her relationship with contrary neighbor Erich Simmons, with whom Addie is forced to spend Christmas.

McCall Smith, Alex The Handsome Man’s DeLuxe Cafe 10/28/2014

As Mma Ramotswe juggles a life full of challenges and responsibilities, Grace Makutsi must throw in the towel and seek help after her new business venture, The Handsome Man's De Luxe Cafe, is struck by lightning.

Palahniuk, Chuck Beautiful You 10/21/2014

Invited by notorious playboy C. Linus Maxwell to a Paris hotel, Manhattan legal associate Penny Harrigan discovers that she is a test subject for the final development of sex toys for women that will render men obsolete and make Maxwell the most powerful person in the world.

Palmer, Diana Wyoming Strong 10/28/2014

Wolf Patterson and Sara Brandon are arch enemies from ages ago, but mischievous fate has brought the tall rancher with the pale blue eyes together with the dark-haired beauty - on neighboring Wyoming ranches.

Picoult, Jodi Leaving Time 10/14/2014

Abandoned by a grief-stricken father and accomplished-scientist mother who disappeared under mysterious circumstances, 13-year-old Jenna Metcalf approaches a disgraced psychic and a jaded detective in the hopes of finding answers.

Rendell, Ruth The Girl Next Door 10/07/2014

Discovering an earthen tunnel in their 1944 London suburb, six children share a summer of subterranean exploration and reunite six decades later when a box with skeletal remains is found in the same location.

Rice, Anne Prince LeStat 10/28/2014

A tale spanning periods from the ancient to the modern world reunites fans with beloved characters, from Louis de Pointe Lac and the eternally young Armand to David Talbot and Marius, who hear a mysterious voice urging ancients to destroy increasing populations of maverick vampires.

Rothfuss, Patrick Slow Regard of Silent Things 10/28/2014

Living in the abandoned tunnel system beneath the University, the enigmatic Auri reflects on her bittersweet life while making unique observations about the broken world she seeks to survive.

Sandford, John Deadline 10/07/2014

Virgil Flowers is helping out a friend by looking into a dognapping, which seems to be turning into something much bigger and uglier-a team of dognappers supplying medical labs-when he gets a call from Lucas Davenport. A murdered body has been found-and the victim is a local reporter.

Smiley, Jane Some Luck 10/07/2014

Follows the triumphs and tragedies of Rosanna and Walter Langdon and their five children on their Iowa farm from 1920 through the early 1950s.

Smith, Wilbur Desert God 10/21/2014

Taita the fusspot slave, spiritual wiseman, and advisor to the Pharaoh is caught in a maelstrom of passion and danger in his efforts to destroy the Hyksos army by forming a dubious alliance with Crete.

Steel, Danielle Pegasus 10/28/2014

A multigenerational narrative inspired by the author's own family history traces the efforts of an aristocratic German family to find refuge for themselves and their magnificent horses in post-World War II America.

Thayer, Nancy Island Christmas 10/28/2014

Journeying to Nantucket to marry the love of her life, adventurous Felicia regrets the fairy-tale wedding her mother has organized, which is complicated by a mischievous cat and Felicia's opinionated, traditional-minded sister.

Ward, J. R. Immortal 10/07/2014

A conclusion to the best-selling series that includes Possession and Covet finds a reluctant savior forced to risk his salvation while confronting the greatest challenge of his existence.

Woods, Stuart Paris Match 10/07/2014

Stone Barrington returns to Paris only to be embroiled in high-stakes trouble involving an old enemy with a vengeful associate and a scandal that threatens to disrupt a vital project in the United States.

November 2014
Baldacci, David The Escape 11/18/2014

A latest entry in the popular series that began with Zero Day and The Forgotten continues the adventures of military investigator, John Puller.

Clark, Mary Higgins Cinderella Murder 11/18/2014

Author Clark joins forces for the first time with Alafair Burke for another adventure featuring the reality drama Under Suspicion, which asks those involved to re-create the circumstances of unsolved crimes.

Connelly, Michael Burning Room 11/03/2014

Harry Bosch and his new partner, rookie Detective Lucia Soto, as they investigate a recent murder where the trigger was pulled nine years earlier.
Cornwell, Patricia Flesh & Blood 11/11/2014

Discovering a row of pennies outside of her home just before receiving word that a neighbor has been murdered by a highly skilled sniper, Kay Scarpetta begins a nightmarish pursuit involving seemingly unrelated victims and a shipwreck off the coast of Florida.

Crais, Robert The Promise 11/04/2014

A crossover novel finds Cole and Pike joined by Suspect heroes Scott James and his K-9 partner, Maggie, in a case involving a missing defense contractor employee who was being blackmailed to supply explosives to a shadowy group.

Evans, Richard Paul Mistletoe Promise 11/18/2014

Alone and distrustful after a bitter divorce, Elise surprises herself by accepting a proposition from a man who lives in her building that they pretend to be a couple for the weeks preceding the Christmas holiday.

Evanovich, Janet The Job 11/18/2014

A latest entry in the series by the author of the Stephanie Plum novels and the author of the Monk series finds Agent O'Hare reluctantly partnering with con-man Nicolas Fox to take down a big-league criminal.

Fossum, Karin The Murder of Harriet Krohn 11/18/2014

A first English-language translation of the seventh entry in the popular Norwegian series is presented from the viewpoint of a killer who murders and robs a woman to pay off a gambling debt and who fears the untarnished record of Inspector Sejer.

King, Stephen Revival 11/11/2014

Years after a charismatic minister is banished in the wake of a faith-shattering tragedy, a heroin-addicted rock-and-roll guitarist from the same hometown reconnects with the man and forges a terrible pact.

Patterson, James Hope to Die 11/24/2014

Detective Alex Cross embarks on the most wrenching case of his career to secure the lives of family members who have been abducted by a psychotic genius.

Perry, Anne A New York Christmas 11/04/2014

Visiting New York during the Christmas of 1904 to attend her friend's wedding, Jemima, the grown daughter of Charlotte and Thomas Pitt, is enlisted in an effort to track down the groom's estranged mother with the help of a handsome police officer.

Scottoline, Lisa Betrayed 11/25/2014

The author returns to the Rosato & Associates law firm with Betrayed, and maverick lawyer Judy Carrier takes the lead in a case that's more personal than ever. Judy has always championed the underdog, so when Iris, the housekeeper and best friend of Judy's beloved Aunt Barb, is found dead of an apparent heart attack, Judy begins to suspect foul play.

December 2014
Bannister, Jo Perfect Sins 12/09/2014

Childs, Laura Scorched Eggs 12/02/2014

Cleverly, Barbara Enter Pale Death 12/02/2014

Diamant, Anita The Boston Girl 12/09/2014

Estleman, Loren D. You Know Who Killed Me 12/09/2014

Green, Jane Saving Grace 12/30/2014

Gerritsen, Tess Die Again 12/30/2014

Higgins, Jack Rain on the Dead 12/30/2014

Lowell, Elizabeth Love Song 12/01/2014

Margolin, Phillip Woman With a Gun 12/02/2014

McDermid, Val The Skeleton Road 12/02/2014

Robards, Karen Hush 12/02/2014

January 2015
Clark, Carol Higgins Knocked 01/06/2015

Cornwell, Bernard The Empty Throne 01/06/2015

Grippando, James Cane and Abe 01/20/2015

Hoag, Tami Cold Cold Heart 01/13/2015

Kava, Alex Breaking Creed 01/27/2015

Koontz, Dean R. Saint Odd 01/13/2015

Krentz, Jayne Ann Trust No One 01/06/2015

Mosley, Walter Inside a Silver Box 01/27/2015

Oates, Joyce Carol The Sacrifice 01/27/2015

Patterson, James Private Vegas 01/26/2015

Perry, Thomas A String of Beads 01/06/2015

Woods, Stuart Insatiable Appetites 01/06/2015

February 2015
Adler-Olsen, Jussi The Alphabet House 02/24/2015

Barbieri, Maggie The Lies that Bind 02/17/2015

Beaton, M. C. Death of a Liar 02/03/2015

Berenson, Alex Twelve Days 02/10/2015

Fluke, Joanne Double Fudge Brownie Murder 02/15/2015

Franklin, Ariana The Siege Winter 02/24/2015

Gardner, Lisa Crash & Burn 02/03/2015

Hannah, Kristin The Nightingale 02/03/2015

Kellerman, Jonathan Motive 02/10/2015

King, Laurie R. Dreaming Spies 02/24/2015

Michaels, Fern In Plain Sight 02/24/2015

Robb, J. D. Obsession in Death 02/10/2015

Tyler, Anne A Spool of Blue Thread 02/10/2015

Unger, Lisa Crazy Love You 02/10/2015


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