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BARYTA CARBONICA (Carbonate of Barium)

Barium Carbonate increases both the force and the duration of muscle contractions and induces violent vomiting and purging. Effects on the central nervous system are to cause both clonic and tonic muscle spasms which pass on to paralysis. The action on the heart is at first to cause acceleration of the heart beat, but irregularity of cardiac action ensues and the heart stops in systole. Degenerative changes are produced in the walls of the arteries leading to softening and distention and resulting in aneurysms, ruptures and apoplexy (many cases of aneurysm have been cured with Bar-c, mostly in lower potencies). Lymph nodes and glands, especially the tonsils, are involved, resulting in hypertrophy and ulceration.


Mental deficiency or emotional immaturity: "dwarfishness" in the physical and mental sphere. In many cases the mental function is normal, but the emotional level is very compromised, leaving the patient insecure, irresolute, horribly anxious and with strong feelings of inferiority. Many cases which need Baryta Carbonica are children or elderly patients with senility, esp. when the patient exhibits childish behavior.


- Childish behaviorneed reassuranceeasily influencedlack of self-confidencesense of inferiority ... strong IRRESOLUTION … simplemindedness

- Anxiety disorder: great fear, feeling of incompetence and desire for reassurance … begs unabashedly for reassurance.

- Anxiety about health and despair of recovery

- Great passivity though at times great, ineffectual irritability

- Feel security in the house … always take their mother or someone else they trust with them … feel UNPROTECTED and want to stay in the home … HOMESICKNESS

- Abnormal concern over appearance, try to look perfect (Nat-mur)

- Nervous biting of the nails (Med.)

- Fears: peoplebeing laughed at … doing new things … going out (agoraphobia)

Children: delayed mental development ("dwarfish in body and mind"; LATE IN LEARNING TO WALK, TALK & READ)… BASHFUL TIMIDITY; aversion to and aggravation by presence of STRANGERS (hides behind the mother) … no desire to play; he sits in a corner doing nothing … great difficulty in school work … school phobia


- CHILLY … great SENSITIVITY TO COLD air and susceptibility to catching cold

- Physical weakness … constant desire to lie down … exhausted by the least effort

- Immaturity or atrophy of parts of the body ("dwarfish") … small body

- Tendency to the formation of fatty tumors

Head: premature baldness (even in very young men) ... stupid expression; mouth-breathers … appears younger than his age … school HAs … drooling in sleep (Merc) … paralysis of the tongue, esp. after a stroke (one of the few remedies for that) … in catarrh, swollen upper lip and nose (Calc-c)

Heart: Palpitations with soreness of heart, < lying on left side, < thinking of it, < exertion (slightest exertion makes him feel tired and sleepy) … violent long lasting palpitation, felt in head (these heart symptoms of Bar-c. are met with in many cases of aneurysm and atheroma and no remedy has a better record here.)

Throat: CHRONIC INFLAMMATION and/or HUGE SWELLING OF THE TONSILS ... hard swelling of cervical glands ... difficult swallowing

Extremities: cold, clammy feet (Calc-c) with offensive perspiration (Sil, Thuja, Nit-ac, Kali-carb., Graph, Carbo-v)… warts ... biting the nails (Med.)

GI: emaciation with distended belly (Calc, Sil, Sanic) … constipation with hard stool … desires: eggs; sweets (Sulph.) ... aversions: fruit

Uro-genital: atrophy or smallness of genitalia (testes, ovaries, uterus) … enuresis or regression of toilet training in times of insecurity … diminished libido or aversion to sex (esp. in a childish way: “it’s gross”) … impotence ... prostatic hypertrophy

Sleep: nightmares


Suppressed foot sweat


MIND … GLANDS (TONSILS; prostate) … HEART … nerves … blood vessels … lungs


<: Company ... thinking of his disease ... cold (damp; to feet; to head; washing) ... lying on painful part … lying on left side … PRESSURE … odors … after meals … warm food … sun (headache) ... radiating heat (headache) ... emotions

>: warm wraps ... when not thinking of his disease ... walking in open air … alone … cold food


As if lungs full of smoke … thinks his legs are cut off and that he is walking on his knees


Burning ... sore


Offensive sweat


- Baryta is one of the remedies to prevent the return of enlargement of the glands in the neck, under the jaw and behind the ear.

- Baryta indicated in old people who have suffocative catarrh. In old people, the chest is very much weakened. They get a catarrh, which is not very severe, but appears suddenly in the night, with difficulty of breathing and blueness of the face, etc. Baryta is one of the remedies that come in after the failure of Ant-tart.

1. Bashful timidity; retarded development. Shy and irresolute. Hiding. Worse strangers.

2. Enlarged and indurated tonsils; tendency to inflammation of tonsils after each cold.

3. Great sensitiveness to cold. Worse coldness of feet.

4. Delusion being laughed at, talked about or watched.

5. Defective development of one organ [especially genital organs]; offensive, excoriating foot sweat.

6. Arteriosclerosis.

Enlarged tonsils

Calc-c: fat, leuco-phlegmatic children

Calc-phos: chronic cases; bones diseased

Ign: large tonsils, with small, flat ulcers on them; pain between the acts of swallowing

Hepar: large tonsils, hearing poor, sensation as of fishbone in throat

Lyco: large tonsils, studded with small indurated ulcers

Calc-iod: similar to Baryta in some cases with enlarged glands, esp. when there are enlarged tonsils which are filled with little crypts or pockets

Conium: suited to enlarged tonsils without any tendency to suppuration

Silica: Like Baryta, Sil < damp weather. He also has offensive sweat and general emaciation with the exception of the abdomen. The difference between the two remedies lies principally in the mental symptoms. The Silicea child is obstinate and self - willed, and, too, his head is disproportionately large.

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