Assessing Student Learning

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Assessing Student Learning
Assessing Student Learning
One of the primary hurdles to implementing project-based learning is assessing. Inherent in project-based learning and in performance based assignments is what and how should is the learning assessed. One the best methods for assessing such learning is a rubric. When provided to students as of the initial assignment, the rubric assists the student with assignment completion, organizing tasks, monitoring progress, and evaluating quality of work. It is possible that a project may require more than one rubric: 1) to assess use of technology and media and 2) to assess how well the product indicates the learning.
Today, an internet search will provide access to a variety of online resources for creating rubrics and checklists. Listed below are grouped resources:

General Multimedia Assessment Tools

  • Rubistar - create your own customized rubrics.

  • Multimedia Mania Student Checklist - students can use this checklist before submitting their work.

  • Multimedia Rubric - a project rubric that could be applied to a variety of projects.

  • Creating a Rubric - Tutorial - complete with templates, this site walks you through the process of creating project rubrics.

  • Organized Assessment - links to rubrics from a variety of sources and for a variety of purposes.

Assessing Digital Media

  • Digital Media/Video Project Scoring Guide

Assessing Podcasts

  • ISTE Educator's Podcast Guide

  • What Makes a Good Podcast? (Kathy Schrock's Guide For Educators: 

  • Publishing - Podcast Rubric (Blooms Digital Taxonomy)

  • Examples of Podcast Rubrics

    • Podcast Rubric

    • 21st Century Skills - Podcast Rubric

    • University of Wisconsin-Stout: Podcast Rubric

    • Audio Podcast Rubric

    • Bradford High School Podcast Rubric

    • "CNN" Project Podcast Rubric

Assessing Student Blogging

  • A Rubric for Assessing Student Blogs – article from The Chronicle of Higher Education discussing assessing student blogging and providing suggestions for implementing

  • Towards Reflective Blog Talk – blog shares about blogging

  • How to Grow a Blog – companion to above blog, but provide start-up information.

  • Teacher Tips for Blogging Projects

  • Directions for Posting Blog Entries

  • Teacher Checklist for Blogging Projects

  • Leaving Good Blog Comments

  • Blog Entry Scoring Checklist

  • A Rubric for Evaluating Student Blogs – from the University of Wisconsin – Stout

  • Examples of Blogging Rubrics

    • Blogging Rubric

    • Blooms Digital Taxonomy & Blog Journaling Rubric with Examples

    • Porterfield's Blogging Rubric

    • Blog Assignment Rubric

Assessing Voicethread Projects

  • 7 Things You Should Know About Voicethread – from Educause Learning Initiative

  • Scoring Voicethread Participation – A blog post by Bill Ferriter

  • Advice for Using Rubrics with Voicethread – from Penn State website

  • Assessing Voicethread Participation – discussion at Digitally Speaking

  • Examples of Voicethread Rubrics

    • Voicethread Rubric

    • Voicethread Rubric

    • Voicethread Rubric

    • Voicethread Rubric

Assessing Websites

  • Group Project Web Page Rubric – from Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators

  • Website Rubric – From Galileo Education Network

  • Website Evaluation Rubric

  • Website Design Rubric

Assessing Wikis

  • Wiki Rubric – links to rubric on University of Wisconsin – Stout site

  • Examples of rubrics to assess wikis

    • Wiki Tasks for Student Groups

    • Characteristics of Quality Wiki Pages

    • Wiki Scoring Checklist

    • Teacher Tips for Wiki Projects

    • Defining Wiki Goodness Reflection

    • Exploring Wikis in Action

  • Resources from Read Write Think

    •  Wiki Rubric

    • Wiki Rubric 2

Assessing Video Projects

  • Video Rubric from University of Wisconsin-Stout: 

  • Camera Work Rubric (Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators) and Digital Video Assignment Sheet & Evaluation Rubric

  • Examples of Rubrics to Assess Videos

    • Video Movie Assignment Rubric

    • Digital Video Project Rubric

    • Video Production Rubric

    • Media Making Rubric: Video / Slideshow (KQED Education Network)

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