Artist analysis

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Artist analysis

The piece of work I have chosen to write about is the execution of Maximillian by Eduard Manet . He was actually from quite a well to do background as his dad was a judge and his mother was a decendent of Swedish royal family.Usually artists came from poor backgrounds and had to work their way up like Van Gogh.His dad wanted him to have a career in law but he met and became really interested art. He studied under master Thomas couture and then went to the famous Louvre where he studied the work of the masters.From 1856-1859 he visited the Netherlands and Germany where he was influenced by artists like Frans Hals, Goya Velasquez and their brush strokes. He soon opened his own studio and as he copied the artists styles his work was characterized by loose brush strokes.i t was completed by in .It comes from the movement called post impressionism I think the work portrays his feelings about the injustice of the emperors execution ,In this piece of artwork I can see a coming together of soilders and the emperor and the guards .the execution was inevitable and they must have been scared. .I think the artist is trying to say that even though the emperior and his aids were going to be killed it is almost like it was going to be accepted because you can even see in one case the boredom of the man in the middle witnessing the scene .In the foreground there is a seargent (one can tell this by his cap) adjusting his gun almost oblivious to the surroundings behind. In the middle ground there are various soilders from the Mexican army shooting Maximillain and his aides who actually show a show of strength by holding hands and in the background there is a group of people looking over the wall the person in the middle almost looking bored . The piece is made out of oil on canvas .The technique of has been used painting wet on wet .The artist may have used to keep the image fresh and vibrant.The lines used in piece are curvaceous describing the outline of the figures.This works quite well against the rigid square lines of the shape of the canvas and wall .The texture appears to be quite rough as the artist has usd oils but with strong brushstrokes. Therefore the piece looks lively and fresh. The brushstrokes that have been used are quire subtle in places like the face of the sergeant but also aggressive but in other cases aggressive because he needed to make sure for instance that the smoke looks loose and diffused .The patterns are repeated especially on the soldiers uniform .They create a repeated effect which goes well against the aid with just a white shirt on as he stands out more in contrats to the repeated pattern effect. The shapes and form in the work are .The tone in the painting /drawing is .The colours are .The use of colour in the work makes me feel. The artist has used primary colours in the areas of the floor (yellow) the cap of the sergeant (red) and the floor (yellow) The artists has used complementary colours in his work and they are situated in the face of the emperor and the blue of the soldiers costume . There is also a subtle areas of yellow and blue purple floor and uniform of the soldier which gives some complementary contrast I think the story behind this piece is that Manet was influenced by the work of Goya and the execution of Maximillan was based on a true story.Napolen during his emperial rule instructed Maximillian to become emperor of Mexico in 1864.Many people hated his imperial ruling especially the painter Manet,I have been studying Goya also but did not know that Manet was so inspired by him. .I think the artist wanted us to feel /think .I think the artist is trying to say that .The piece of work makes me think of the rutherlessness of politics .The work makes me a little sad because when I went onto you tube and found a clip and description of the painting the commentator appeared to believe that it was accepted that the shooting would take place. “The faceless firing squad has the implacable aspect of a turned back”. the I chose to write about this piece of work because I am creating images of shooting under dramatic lighting .I like the work because there ia a drama about it and I have never seen a painting showing a public execution before obviously apart from Goya who had a major influence on Manet .What works in this piece is there is a real focal point to the left where the aid has been shot and the soilders have turned their backs to the viewer as though they are not concerned about the job they have to do.this is enhanced by the general who actually appears disinterested as he loads his gun. I have been inspired by this piece of work to try and develop my own piece which uses Manets thick aggressive brushstrokes and

Using this analysis in my work


I have produced a copy of the artists work concentrating on aspects of his work. To do this I have used acrylic as a medium . In copying his work I had to understand his technique which is applying paint in .during the demonstration I realized that in order to copy the style I had to revert back to the painting style which we used earlier on in my project. First of all I had to create the row of squares starting from lightest to darkest . I also looked at Caravaggios use of Chiaroscuro The next stages of the process were to number the black and white photocopy so they cooresponded to the tones on the picture. . Finally I produced a valid copy by making sure that the tones I created accurate to make my dying man Luke Forsey I had to I did make mistakes which was not to have enough confidence to try to paint with black and white acrylic because I did not do that well at the beginning of year ten .I managed to rectify this by actually taking the advise of Mr Noronha who told me to mix the tones and apply them following the contour lines .It was important that we managed to get rid of all colour in Manets painting by looking at a black and white photocopy and concentrate on his brushstrokes and effective use of light in the same way as Caravaggio used dramatic lighting. I think my copy of the artist is reflective of his style because I have managed to use loose but controlled brushstrokes but at the same time .If I could have completed the copy again I would have improved my technique by keep practicing his technique.

I have been inspired by the artists work because . The style of work fits into my project “I me Mine ‘ because . The artist has inspired me to complete a copy in his style because . I have taken an aspect of the work and tried to use it in my work because . The aspect I have been most impressed with is the artists composition, colour combinations . media use tonal arrangement because Using the teacher demonstration and links to you tube techniques I have copied the artists style by . The artifact I have used are similar to the artists objects because ,

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