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Application Form | Media Team | XI Czech Forum Kroměříž

Contact Details


Date of birth


National Committee


Phone number

Email address

Session History*




Senior Official**

*You may also state other relevant EYP experience (e. g. trainings, NC Board, etc.)
**Name of your direct superior at the session – Chairperson, Editor, President, Head Organiser

Relevant Non-EYP experience
You may include any experience (e. g. studies, internships, hobbies, etc.) which enriched you with any useful knowledge or skill in the sphere of journalism and media


These are not questions, but rather tasks. The Media Team will be divided into 3 sub-teams: Photo, Video and Text. Therefore in order for us to see what team you would best fit in, we are giving you one small task from each sphere.

Preferred sub-team: ____________________


What is the place for printed media in the digital age? (Write a short article)

Write your text here …


Take two photographs related to the session motto: “Live for science, science for life”

Insert links to the pictures here …


Option A: Make a “trailer” (a very short video) introducing yourself

Insert your link here …

Option B: Write a commentary on an existing EYP session video

Write your text here …

*The video section has 2 questions, of which you only have to fill in one

Links to previous works* (if any):

Insert your links here…

*e. g. articles, layout samples, photographs, videos, infographics, etc.

Further questions will not influence the selection process, but are just of a practical importance

What technical skills of using relevant software do you possess?
e. g. Photoshop Lightroom – advanced user

List your skills here …

What equipment can you bring to the session?
e. g. laptop, Canon 550D camera, etc.

List your materials here…

Please return this application in PDF format

to CFO14@EYP.CZ till 30/09/14, 23:59 CEST

All data will be treated confidentially.

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