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A&P I Quiz 7 2015 Name ___________________________________________________
1) Which of the following is a function of the axial skeleton?

A) provides an attachment for muscles that move the appendicular skeleton

B) provides an attachment for muscles that move the head, neck, and trunk

C) provides an attachment for muscles involved in respiration

D) provides protection for the brain and spinal cord

E) All of the answers are correct.

Answer: E

Learning Outcome: 7-1

Bloom's Taxonomy: Knowledge
2) The hard palate of the roof of the mouth is mostly formed by the

A) palatine process of the maxillae.

B) sphenoid bone.

C) nasal bones.

D) zygomatic process.

E) palatine bones.

Answer: A

Learning Outcome: 7-2

Bloom's Taxonomy: Knowledge
3) Sutures can be found at all of the joints of an adult skull except between

A) the mandible and the cranium.

B) the zygomatic bone and the maxillary bone.

C) the occipital bone and the parietal bone.

D) the vomer and the zygomatic bone.

E) the sphenoid bone and the ethmoid bone.

Answer: A

Learning Outcome: 7-3

Bloom's Taxonomy: Comprehension

4) The membranous areas between the cranial bones of the fetal skull are

A) fontanelles.

B) sutures.

C) Wormian bones.

D) foramina.

E) fibrocartilaginous discs.

Answer: A

Learning Outcome: 7-4

Bloom's Taxonomy: Knowledge

5) Which of the following types of vertebrae and their numbers is not correct?

A) cervical: 7

B) thoracic: 12

C) lumbar: 5

D) sacral: 1

E) coccygeal: 3 to 5

Answer: D

Learning Outcome: 7-6

Bloom's Taxonomy: Knowledge

Xtra Credit (1 point)

1) While performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on an unconscious person, you are careful to position your hands correctly to avoid damage to the

A) ribs.

B) scapula.

C) xiphoid process.

D) sacrum.

E) ribs and xiphoid process.

Answer: E

Learning Outcome: 7-7

Bloom's Taxonomy: Application

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