All play and more work in the office of the future bbc video, 9th April 2013 Warmer

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All play and more work in the office of the future

BBC Video, 9th April 2013

What do you think the office of the future will be like?

Work with a partner and make at least 3 predictions.


What do these words mean?
Pig stye
Wind down
To boost something
To catch on (an idea)
Watch the video

Are your answers correct from the warmer?

Watch the video again

Answer these questions
1. Do pigs ___________ pig styes or do pig styes ___________ pigs? What do you think this sentence means?
1. How much did this office conversion cost?
3. What was the building previously used for?
4. Where did the idea for ‘fun offices’ come from?
5. What activities can staff take part in?
Follow up
Would you like to work in this office? Discuss.
What are the benefits for business? Discuss.
Design your perfect office. Work with a partner.

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