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Frequently Asked Questions – How does it work?
How does Eyeconic work?

  • The public will have access to Eyeconic through its unique domain name and through various links. They will be able to shop for contact lenses, and browse for sunwear, with referrals back to VSP network doctors.

  • Eyeconic will contact the prescribing doctor to verify the prescription.

  • Eyeconic pays the prescribing VSP doctor on the order a professional support fee.
How do VSP members get to Eyeconic?

  • The public will have access to Eyeconic through its unique domain name and through various links.

What can consumers shop for on Eyeconic?
What options do you plan to offer for prescription lenses?

  • Later in 2011, the following lens packages will be available when we offer prescription eyewear on the site:

    • Plastic CR 39 lens with UV protection

    • Polycarbonate with Unity Plus AR

    • 1.60 High Index with Unity Plus AR

    • Transitions (Brown or Gray) Polycarbonate Lens with Unity Plus AR Coating

  • The following lens packages will be available when we offer sunwear on the site:

    • Plastic CR 39 lens with tint (Brown or Gray) and UV protection

    • Polycarbonate Polarized (Brown or Gray) with Unity Plus AR

    • 1.60 High Index with polarization (Brown or Gray) and Unity Plus AR
How do you connect consumers to my practice when they shop on Eyeconic?

  • When consumers shop on Eyeconic, we ask them to provide information on their current prescribing doctor. By being connected to that order, the VSP provider will not only receive a professional support fee but the consumer will be referred back to that provider. If an order doesn’t have a prescription or the prescribing doctor is not a VSP doctor, we’ll refer the shopper to the VSP doctor closest to their shipping address. The site also has a “Find an eye doctor” option where consumers can search for the nearest VSP provider(s).
If my patient shops on Eyeconic, would it be possible for them to be assigned to another practice?

  • Shoppers are required to enter a prescribing doctor so we can verify the prescription. We automatically refer each order back to the prescribing VSP doctor or the VSP doctor the shopper indicates as their doctor.

  • However, shoppers on Eyeconic have the ability to edit the referred practice if they choose to do so.

Why does the doctor search tool look different than other search tools?

  • The “Find an eye doctor” feature looks different on Eyeconic so that it fits with the site’s design.

  • However, it uses the same search tool as the ones on and other VSP portals and will generate the same results.

What happens if I don’t carry a frame line—can my patient still purchase it?

  • Yes. Your patient can purchase frame brands (or frame lines) on Eyeconic that you don’t carry in your practice, and we’ll still refer them back to you, their prescribing VSP doctor, for follow-up services.

  • By offering your patients access to all of the brands available on Eyeconic (including licensed brands that you may not carry in your office), it virtually expands your dispensary, giving you an additional channel to meet the needs of brand-conscious consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions – Benefit Integration
Can my patients use their benefits on Eyeconic?

  • Not presently. Eventually, we will offer VSP benefit integration and all VSP members will be able to take advantage of the standard VSP member 20% second-pair discount.
Why are you allowing Vision Benefits integration?

  • Allowing Vision Benefits on Eyeconic satisfies requests from clients for an additional retail network option. Our past experience with Costco suggests low Vision Benefits application on our site, but by creating Eyeconic we will retain more clients, which results in VSP sending more patients into private practices like yours.

  • Your patient has their initial experience around their prescription in your office. If you miss the opportunity to capture a sale at that point, and that patient decides to shop online, allowing Vision Benefits integration on Eyeconic increases the likelihood that Eyeconic will be their online store of choice. Now, instead of a lost sale, your practice will receive a professional support fee and a patient referral.

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