Alerts users about items awaiting action or other communications sent from the college/department administrator

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Alerts users about items awaiting action or other communications sent from the college/department administrator.


Provides users with a combination of help resources. *Remember that vendor supplied materials have helpful overviews but may not address UA Vitae customizations.


Users may create shortcuts to commonly used forms or reports. Click on the add to quicklinks icon at the top of any page in the system to add a new “Quicklink” to your homepage.

My Data Page

Standard Input Forms

Profile Form

Add/edit personal biographical and like data (e.g. Personal Data, Work History, Interests, Degrees). Information loaded from university systems is locked to prevent editing; changes in this data must be made in the source system.

Activity Input Form – Current Workload

Input information on research, service, instruction and other work activities. Remember to assign activity data to the appropriate date or semester when the activity occurred.

Prior Activity Input Forms

This box provides links to view defined activity input periods. Faculty can review, edit and submit data for the named periods or can view data for periods previously verified and submitted for purposes of annual reviews.


Manage Vitas/Biosketch Settings

Create custom CV and biosketch settings. Users can also create, edit, and delete custom settings to be available under the My Reports – Vita section.

My Reports

My Activities

Provides a tabular summary count of all activities entered.


Displays activities in a CV format. Select standard CV templates established by the institution or personal customized CV formats created using the Manage Vitas/Biosketch Settings options.

Prior Activity Input Forms

View prior activity input forms submitted for purposes of annual review. Lists activity input period, data submitted, date approved and an option to view the data.

Faculty Evaluations

Evaluations of Others

Allows users serving as evaluators to faculty members to access evaluation documents and forms.

Evaluations of Me

If made accessible by the department/college, results and comments from the user’s annual review can be accessed from this link.

Reports (only accessible to those users with Reporting or Administrative rights)

Activity Reports

Profile Report

Lists faculty members active within the "Begin" / "End" term selected. For the activity selected from the dropdown list, all of a faculty member's entries are shown, regardless of the dates of these entries.

Activity Input Report

A tabulated summary of the number of activities entered per activity input section within the time period of the “Begin” / “End” terms selected.

Scholarly Activities

A tabulated summary of the total number of scholarly activities entered. Results are listed at the college level; clicking on a college will provide a list of scholarly activity per faculty member in the college/department.


A tabulated summary of grant funding received by the college/department for the “Begin” / “End” period selected. Using the drop-down arrow next to the unit’s name will display the faculty members and their respective grant funding for the period shown.

Courses Taught

A tabulated summary of the courses and enrollment data (listed by course prefix) offered between the “Begin” / “End” dates selected.

Activities by Activity Classification

A tabulated summary of activities flagged with activity classifications established by the university and/or the college/department.

Administrative Reports

Ad Hoc Reports

Create ad hoc reports based on any data held in the system.

Activity Overview – By Faculty

Select which faculty activity types to display in a tabulated summary for the “Begin” / “End” dates selected. Report can be expanded to show results for individual faculty members.

Activity Overview – By Semester

Select which faculty activity types to display in a tabulated summary for the “Begin” / “End” dates selected. Report can be expanded to show results for individual semesters.

Faculty Classifications

Select faculty classifications in use by the college/department to provide a tabular summary of faculty in those classifications.

Scholarly Citations

A list in citation format organized by college, department/school, faculty member and publication type. Useful for colleges/departments wanting to share lists of scholarly publications by their faculty.

Standard Vitae

A quick way to view and/or export CVs based on a selected template for all faculty in the unit.

Course Attachments

A quick way to view all courses with the specified type of course attachment (e.g. syllabus, course evaluation, peer evaluation, other item).

Prior Activity Input Forms

A tabulated summary of the number of activity input forms submitted for review for a given semester/term. Clicking on the summary number provides a list of faculty for which the activity summary for the period selected can be reviewed.

Activity Input Form (Sections listed are based on the default Activity Input form for the University; Colleges and departments may have implemented customizations and users should check with the college lead for more specific guidance)

Workload Distribution

Enter workload agreement as established between the faculty member and their department head and/or dean. Some faculty or colleges/departments may choose to load a PDF version of the official signed workload agreement.

Instruction - Credit Bearing Courses

Allows faculty to review information on courses taught. Data is downloaded from university systems. Faculty can upload attachments such as syllabus, peer reviews, or additional types of information related to a particular course.

Instruction – Graduate Student Supervision

Allows faculty to enter information on graduate student supervision and advising activities.

Instruction – Guest Lectures

Allows faculty members to enter activities where they serve as guest lecturers in courses. Colleges/departments may set further guidelines about use of this category versus listing this type of activity as a type of service activity.

Development of Instructional Resources

Allows faculty members to list activity related to development of resources for students and/or faculty including new courses, online course components, instructional assessment and management, curricular needs assessment, etc.

Scholarly Contributions and Creative Productions

Import or manually enter scholarship or performance activities (e.g. journal articles, books, proceedings, performances, exhibitions, etc.).

Grants and Contracts

List grants, contracts or other monetary gifts in process or secured. Grants data from Sponsored Projects is downloaded from University systems on a regular basis.

Development of Research Support Resources

Enter activities related to developing resources or services in support of research.

Institutional Committees

Record formal standing committee appointments within the University of Arizona and its colleges and departments.

Other Institutional Service

Record other service activities at the institutional level, not listed under the Institutional committees section. This section is useful for noting ad hoc or specialized institutional service or administrative assignments, such as accreditation or assessment coordination.

Service and Outreach

Record service activities external to the University and outside of the profession/discipline such as organizing community or public conferences or workshops; delivery of non-credit curriculum; or work with community groups/volunteers.

Professional Service

Record service rendered to an academic or professional organization such as a committee appointment, journal editor or reviewer, etc.


Record paid/unpaid consulting engagements requiring professional judgment and expertise.

Professional Development

Record conferences, training, and/or other forms of continuing professional education.

Honors, Awards & Fellowships

Report honors, awards and recognitions. Grants and contracts should be listed in the section marked "Grants and Contracts."

Inventions, Technology Transfer & Commercialization

Record activity in the realm of intellectual property activities (e.g. patents, copyrights, trademarks), inventions, and technology commercialization.

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