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About these datasets:
These two datasets were split from the overall sample dataset in order to demonstrate the two-block partial least squares routine 2BPLS-SW.sas. Specific details on the make-up of this sample can be read in the About the Dataset document associated with the larger sample file. Data in block1 consist of 3D facial landmarks, while data in block2 comprise neurocranial landmarks. Both sets of data were collected on the same sample of individuals: 20 Gorilla gorilla gorilla and 20 Pan troglodytes troglodytes specimens evenly divided between the sexes.
For this example, the two sets of data were separately superimposed using generalized Procrustes analyses performed in Morpheus et al. (Slice, 1998). The landmarks are listed below in the order that they appear in the datafiles.

Block 1: Facial Landmarks (in order):
1. Mid-torus superior (right)

2. Zygomaxillare (right)

3. Glabella

4. Rhinion

5. Anterior attachment of nasal septum

6. Alveolare

7. Mid-torus superior (left)

8. Zygomaxillare (left)

9. Distal M3 (right)

10. Distal M3 (left)

Block 2: Neurocranial Landmarks (in order):
1. Opisthocranion

2. Porion (right)

3. Bregma

4. Porion (left)

5. Basion

6. Hormion

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