A study of Bite Force, Part 1: Relationships to Various Characteristics

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Happy tax season! Anyone feeling a little more stressed than usual? Did you know that stress is one of the reasons people clench and grind their teeth together? Have you noticed waking up in the morning with sore muscles around your cheeks and temples? If so, you may be clenching or grinding in your sleep. Here are a few facts about clenching and grinding;
         Teeth are capable of producing up to 250lbs of pressure per square inch.
         Clenching and grinding can cause irreversible damage to your teeth which may lead to expensive dental procedures down the road.
         Sensitive teeth may be a result of clenching and grinding.
At Broadlands Family Dentistry, if we see signs of clenching or grinding we may recommend an occlusal guard (also called a night guard). This is a plastic appliance that is designed to fit over your teeth. Occlusal guards can reduce tooth forces by as much as 80%. This means happier muscles, a happier jaw joint, and reduced wear and tear on your teeth! If you think that you may be clenching, grinding or notice sore muscles when you wake up in the morning, ask us about occlusal guards. And, don’t forget to file those taxes!
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