A curtain is a curtain (sometimes known as a drape, mainly in the United States) is a piece of

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Full Height Shutters

Full height shutters are the most popular design of plantation shutters chosen by customers of The Shutter Store. While each home is different and everyone’s’ reasons for buying shutters unique, it is generally true that most customers buying plantation shutters end up leaving the shutters panels closed over and adjust the louvers for control of light into the room.


  • Protection. Interior shutters protect against sun and heat in summer and wind and cold in winter. Exterior shutters eliminate the need to install plywood over windows before a storm. They also protect windows from flying debris and high winds, especially in hurricane prone areas.

  • Privacy. Shutters allow you to easily choose between privacy and visibility. When closed, you can still adjust the rod to allow light to enter.

  • Easy customization. Ready-made shutters come in many sizes. Most of the time, finding the correct size for your windows isn’t a problem. If it is, choose a pair slightly larger than your measurements and trim them with a table, miter, or radial arm saw for quick customization.

  • Light control. Window shutters with louvers can be adjusted to allow varying amounts of sunlight to enter between the slats.

  • Security. Window shutters come with a latch or lock to keep them from flying open. This feature also provides additional security by adding a second “lock” to the windows.

  • Neat appearance. Wood shutters fold open neatly to expose the entire width of the window and close to display the details of the shutter.


  • Reduced visibility. Shutters must be wide open to enjoy the view. When closed, they can be adjusted to allow light to enter, but the slats will still be in the way.

  • Awkward. Interior shutters swing in, so furniture can get in the way when opening them.

Definition; it is a short piece of cloth or a wooden or metal frame that is placed across the top of a window for decoration

Types of valances

  1. Tailored Valance

A tailored valance is a plain topper that is flat, square or rectangular. It looks tailored because of its clean, straight lines. There is no inner stuffing such as those found in some balloon valances. Attach a tailored valance to a piece of lumber, then hang it on top of the window using L-hooks, or insert a rod through the pockets. Add depth by gathering the top of the tailored valance to create pleats. Use tailored valances in a variety of decorating styles, from traditional to contemporary designs.

  1. Balloon Valance

Soften the look of a room with billowing balloon valances. Gather the lightweight fabric and insert stuffing of tissue paper or plastic bags to add a pouf. Or create the pouf without the stuffing by sewing the top seams tightly in intervals. Hang balloon valances using rods. Use balloon shades in a formal or traditional room. Add a romantic and feminine touch to a girl's bedroom with balloon valances.

  1. Ascot Valance

The shape of an ascot valance is triangular. Use soft fabrics such as sheers and cotton for an informal look, or use lined fabrics such as velvet and silks for a more formal look. Purchase ready-made ascot valances from department stores. Embellish the pointed end of the ascot valance with buttons, tassels, beads, pearls, buttons and ornaments to add flair.

  1. Swag Valance

Often used in a formal setting, a swag valance is more ornate in appearance, created by draping the fabric over the rod. Leave both ends hanging. Hang it on top of drapery panels or a plain window to soften the edges.

  1. Scarf Valance

Hang a scarf valance on the rod in loose loops. Use scarf holders such as hooks, medallions or rings to hang the scarf on each side. Choose lighter, unlined fabrics such as sheers and organza to create a scarf. Embellish with fringes, ribbons, beads and tassels to the bottom of the scarves to add more character. Use a scarf valance in an informal room such as a romantic bedroom.

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