37% Phosphoric acid etch for 30 seconds per tooth ( Ultra etch

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White Spot Protocol

37% Phosphoric acid etch for 30 seconds per tooth ( Ultra etch (Ultradent Corp)

Microabrasion- For 15 seconds per tooth using Opalustre( Ultradent Corp)

MI Paste, ( GC America) application in office for 5 minutes

Patient to wear bleaching trays with MI Paste at home as much as possible.

Repeat Ultra etch and MI paste in office weekly.

When approx.. 50% Remin is seen add tooth whitening component. ( 10% or 15% Pola Night, SDI Corp.), nightly for 2 weeks.

Continue etch, MI paste till desired result is achieved.

Materials Sheet

CTX Rinses- Carifree Corporation

Saliva Check, MI PASTE, MI Varnish, Fuji, Equia, G Coat- GC America

Velscope- Denmat Corp

Implants- Adin Implants USA

Laboratory- Elegant Dental Lab

Endo- Medidentia Corp

Sonic Fill, Optibond XTR- Kerr Corp.

V3- Triodent/ Ultradent

Diode laser- AMD Lasers

Dioxirinse- Frontier Pharmaceuticals

Diagnodent, Try Kavo- Kavo Corp

Spectra- Air Techniques

Riva Star, Pola Whitening- SDI Corp

Air N Go, PMax- Acteon Corp

Sterilox- Puricore Corp

Prophy Angles- Prophy Magic

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