360 Feedback Provider Comparison Table

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360 Feedback Provider Comparison Table

NB - This table is designed to be read in conjunction with the notes at http://lumus360.co.uk/resources/selecting-a-360-degree-feedback-provider

Purchasing Criteria

Potential Suppliers

Provider 1

Provider 2



Service provided

Fully managed or self-managed

Fully managed is their core product (both available)


  • Number of years trading


Large and excellent

Usability (User experience)

  • One login with direct access


  • Questionnaire(s) and their rating scale(s)

 (at no cost)

 (at no cost)

  • Branding

 (at no cost)

  • User journey

 (at no cost)

Questionnaire design

Support to build a bespoke questionnaire

 (free service)

Customer support

  • Consultancy

 (at no cost)

  • Supporting resources

 (at no cost)

  • Dedicated support

 (at no cost)

  • Implementation refinement

 (at no cost)

Feedback reports

  • Ability to customise

 (at no cost)

  • Availability of standard reports (Individual, Group and Comparative)


  • Transparency of pricing

  • Build cost


  • Reports

£90 (on a sliding scale

£90 (on a sliding scale)

Supporting services

Coaching/ feedback support services available

 (full range available)

Data Security

  • Disc mirroring or effective back up

  • Https

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