2004 Black Service Manual

Bushing Installation (CONT.)

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Bushing Installation (CONT.)

Bushing Installation Tool Assembly

With weighted handle

When selecting sizer rings to install bushings, choose the two rings that are in the middle of the size run to start with.

  1. Assemble installation tool as shown in picture above. Each leg diameter kit has all of the needed pieces to remove and install bushings for forks with serviceable bushings. Some of the kits come with gauges to tell you how far to drive in the lower bushings. Upper bushings are driven in as far as the stop in the top of the casting will allow. The general rule of thumb is that the lower bushings must not be driven any deeper than 5” into a casting leg. If they do go deeper, call Customer Service at Answer Products – 800-423-0273 for a new outer casting.

  1. Always assemble Mandrel with the larger diameter sizer ring being placed on the mandrel first, then the spacer, the next largest sizer ring, followed by the washer and the nut to hold it in place. Be sure to lock the nut above the Mandrel and below the Mandrel against each other.

  1. Replace the lower bushing (bushing with a thicker wall diameter) first. Place a small amount of Prep M grease onto the sizer rings to help the rings come through the bushings when pulling them out. Slide bushing onto Mandrel until it stops. Apply a bead of Red Loctite all the way around the outside of the bushing. Hold casting on top of bench with a rag under the end of the legs and insert installation tool with bushing into casting leg.

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