2004 Black Service Manual

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Bushing Removal (CONT.)

Bushing Removal Instructions

  1. Install 25.4mm Removal ring on the shiny, smaller diameter threaded shaft. Be sure to install the ring with the tapered, chamfered end first, followed by the long slide tube. This tapered end leads the tool through the bushing.

  1. Start the procedure by removing the Dust/Wiper seal with a screwdriver, prying it out.

  1. Insert Removal tool past the upper bushing and then stop. It is important to pull one bushing out at a time. Push the slide on the threaded shaft down towards the removal ring. Hold the casting with one hand and the slide hammer with your other hand. Now move the slide hammer in a motion away from the casting and repeat this action until the bushing comes out.

  1. For all other leg diameters: use the larger diameter (dark colored) threaded shaft and repeat steps A-C.

Bushing Installation

(Note: Sizer kits listed in above chart contain the sizers needed for each specific leg diameter.)

Bushing Installation Tool Components

  1. Installation Mandrel

  2. Threaded Rod w/nuts

  3. Sizer rings

  4. Spacer

  5. Washer

  6. Nut

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