15th mccc weekend Saturday: Transformation of Society (Luke 19: 10)

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15th MCCC Weekend

Saturday: Transformation of Society (Luke 19:10)

By Pastor Dr. Philip Lyn


Jesus Christ came to seek and save the lost. Just as how He came to Zacchaeus and his household, He will continue to do so because this is the purpose of why He came to die for us. Zacchaeus was a chief tax collector during the Roman empire days and the Jews hated him and considered him a traitor. No one liked to be associated with him. But one day, Jesus came and He told him that He wanted to dine with him. Immediately, everything within Zacchaeus changed and salvation came to his household. Indeed, salvation and transformation happened right at the marketplace during that time.

Luke 19:10 (NKJV) – For the Son of Man came to seek and to save that which was lost.

What does “that” include? In a simple context, “that” is referring to the 8 domains in the marketplace. “That” is referring to all sectors in our society that includes:

  • Government

  • Religion

  • Media

  • Business

  • Family

  • Arts

  • Education

  • Politics

Transformation can happen at anytime when we begin to allow God to use us. We must have a paradigm shift and believe that miracles can happen outside the four walls of our church, not just within. We need to engage, impact and influence the 8 domains of our society because this is our calling and the reason why Jesus came for – to save that which was lost.

Hence, how does God use us to transform society? Using 3 biblical ways – diffusion, dominion and divine intervention.

Diffusion (Matthew 5:13-16) – Change by Influence

In olden days, salt is a common item that people used to preserve food. Salt can also be used to sterilise wounds or cuts as it acts as an agent to kill bacteria or germs. It gives life to the cells in our body, as body fluids require a certain amount of salt to function healthily. It is also used to give flavour to the food we are consuming. Hence, salt in this context, is considered as a diffusion and penetration component as it influences its surroundings. Similarly, we as Christians, are called to be salt and light to society – to influence and transform our surroundings.

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