• Stopped taking Trihexyphenidyl great because it gave me "brain fog"

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Here are the results from my 6 week programme to see whether hypnosis can relieve the symptoms of Blepharospasm. (OCT - DEC 2016)
The results are compiled predominately from the clients own feedback as this quantifies the results most accurately and without bias at this point. The clients are aged between 50 & 65 and have suffered from Blepharospasm for periods of between 1 & 10 years.

Client 1. This person saw great results from very early on in the process and reported to me before we started session 6 that she had seen a 0-60% improvement in her symptom. ( I have quotes to back up the constant progress from start to finish although I am unable to use them)

Client 2 . I have a quote from a message sent reviewing the process :- During the period that I have been working with Neil I have made the following improvements. The first 2 are measureable. 
• Stopped taking Trihexyphenidyl – great because it gave me “brain fog”.
• Reduced my Clonazapan down to half a tablet per day.
• I have become more confident when driving, although still wearing my props – these are mainly for safety and usually sit above my eyes and not actually assisting in holding my eyes open.
• Generally more positive with my attitude to making a difference to my Blepharospasm.

Client 3. This client has the most problematic symptoms out of all of the clients and I have a quote describing her journey :-  My progress so far has been that I have had to use less effort to get my eyes to open. They are still closing often and for up to a minute or more sometimes but I used to be yawning a lot to get them to open and only have to do that sometimes now. Also my daughter noticed that I am not using my whole body as much to get my eyes to open. I am enjoying the little progress that I have been getting and will work hard to continue.

The sessions with Neil are something I look forward to every week very much! Neil keeps me positive and helps me to keep the belief that I will get better!

Client 4. Here is an email sent to me detailing the progress made over the 6 week progress :- First discussion was October 31 with quite a bit of eye closure and Meige issues. We discussed that I believe in neuro-plasticity and had seen Dr Farias and read his books but wasn't a faithful practitioner of his advice and had travelled a lot during 2016

Second session we addressed anxiety on Nov 7. This was pre-election which was causing a lot of anxiety. On Nov 11 we addressed keeping eyes open walking around the house and the extreme varying levels of light. I ran the scenarios of both of these sessions in my head daily 
On Nov 16 I received Botox shots and dr commented that my eyes were open a lot so we primarily focused Botox on lower face to slow the Meige spasms which were strong in the right cheek. On Nov 19 I flew to Florida with no hat on in the airport and only 40 percent tint sunglasses. Usually it was dark glasses and hat under bright fluorescent lights or any bright light. I shopped that night in Target without tints at all. I supplement Sudafed on days I need to be going for a long time. I walked around for several hours a day in sunshine with eyes open.I continued weekly sessions to try to keep eyes open while walking up and down the stairs. Eyes were pretty much open otherwise. When tired the sniffing spasms start and the inhaling. But gradually decreasing. I noted on Nov 13 those were bad. On Dec 2 I got a cold and the cold medicine made my eyes clamp shut for a couple of days. Once I stopped that med eyes were mostly open. We did another anxiety session after I returned home and sniffing and holding breath has slowed down except when really tired.
Dec 12 injured knee so sat in emergency room in bright lights for 6 hrs with no tinted glasses.
Dec 17 went through Boston airport with no hat or sunglasses and have been at my brothers since then. Each morning I take one half tab of klonapin and have coffee before eyes will stay consistently open. Light sensitivity is no longer the trigger. Only movement triggers as I have been in all levels of light last few days. Struggled with clouds and snow but can deal with sunlight and no snow. I met with 2 friends for lunch and they commented on my wearing regular glasses, no tints. I walk around, watch TV, read no issues most of the time. By 9pm they start to close as I get tired. I take the other half of the klonapin mid afternoon which helps the Meige. I've been chewing paraffin to help with that. Difflam isn't available in the US
So will try another mouthwash to help heal mouth where teeth rub tongue. I inhale and sniff less so even though it's holiday activity I have continued to see. I continue to do relaxation and visualization scenarios at various times daily as a reminder to slow down the brain.
I think RELAX when my eyes shut and can get them to reopen. So 5 weeks into Botox I made another appointment as backup but mostly because of the Meige. I hope we can work on that in the new year. No Sudafed today but doing fine with eyes open. So it's just when I first get up that I struggle a bit and once I start an activity, cooking,reading, watching tv, they stay open. Then at end of day they start closing a bit but if I start reading they stay open. 
 Key things are good sleep. Still reliant on klonapin and need to keep up reduced anxiety but less dosage than 2 years ago and Sudafed if needed. Seeing A LOT MORE than the past two Christmases here at my brothers.
I haven't driven yet as I've been traveling so much but will try to resume a bit in January. THANK YOU NEIL

Client 5. This is the feedback I received from this client detailing the various areas I have supported her with :-  I had a great response to the sessions we did on anxiety, anger and feeling stressed about going through the surgical procedure and I am still feeling a whole lot more relaxed about everything including the situation around the time my spasms started. I also do not feel angry anymore and hold back from engaging with situations which would normally cause me to feel angry, especially when interacting with a family member who I have been angry with since the original incident occurred. The session we did on helping me to deal with the memories of the grief I felt around the time of the original incident also helped greatly. I feel like a lot more time has passed and am able to think about this time without feeling completely overwhelmed. The audio you sent me to help with my fibromyalgia has also been a godsend and I use it daily with a very positive effect. The sessions we did on eye opening walking around the house worked really well 80% better over the duration of the sessions Watching TV probably 60% better. Also felt coped better in well lit environments outwith the house with spasms occurring less frequently and photophobia less troublesome. Unfortunately since my surgery I have regressed. Wearing clear glasses in house and still not as photophobic as prior to sessions. Spasms occurring more frequently while walking around house and pretty awful when outdoors! Frustrated with myself as felt I was doing really well. Started doing my visualisation again and feel it is working a little. So glad I went through the process which was a lot of fun and made me feel so much more positive. I now know that I can beat this as I have improved and need to look at this set back as a blip in my progress and get back to working hard on making myself better! Thanks so much Neil for helping me on this journey and helping me to see I am a strong women who has the solution to my future in my own hands 😊

Client 6. This person did not complete the process so their is nothing conclusive to write.

In conclusion, the 5 participants that completed the process all made progress, albeit some more than others. Also all of the people concerned still need to work hard to continue their progress going forward. Thank you so much to all of the participants, you have been fantastic :-) If you have any questions then please ask me :-) If you want to book sessions with me then please contact me through Facebook messenger or send an email to nlp.loveyourlife@gmail.com

Blepharospasm can and will be beaten...

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