Yu-Tsai wang, Shou-Yen kao, Che-Shoa chang, Maan-Yee chen, Yong-Kie wong, Zheng-Yao su

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Oral Anatomy


Yu-Tsai WANG, Shou-Yen KAO, Che-Shoa CHANG, Maan-Yee CHEN, Yong-Kie WONG, Zheng-Yao SU


To learn the normal structure of head and neck region, following the chapter of skeleton system, muscle system, circulation system and nerve system, then to provide the knowledge of clinical application in oral and maxillofacial area by means of lectures, PBL and laboratory work.


Histology, Embryology, Anatomy


1. Skeleton system: The structure formation of neurocramum and viscerocranium and its applied anatomy.

2. Muscle system: Expression muscles, masticatory muscles, muscles of tongue and palate, supra- and infra-hyoid muscles, and pharyngolanyngeal muscles and its applied anatomy.

3. Circulation system: Artery, venous and lymphatic system and its applied anatomy in head and neck region.

4. Nerve system: Function of nerve fibers, cranial nerves and its applied anatomy.

Teaching Methods

Lecturing in class with demonstration and practice in Laboratory


1. Sicher's oral anatomy, the skull, 8th ed.1998

2. Gray’s anatomy, skeletal system

3. Contemporary oral and maxillofacial surgery. 4th ed. 2003



Block 1 Oral development, anatomy and histology (I)

Skeletal system 1:Introduction. Bones of the skull, architectural and functional analysis of the skull and its applied anatomy.

Skeletal system 2:The growth of the skull(1)- Introduction and theory

Skeletal system 3:The growth of the skull(2)-Facial skeleton, tooth, brain capsule, Suprastructure and pneumatic cavity. The senile change of the skull

Anatomy of vascular & lymphatic system. (Applied anatomy)

Introduction of nerve system; cranial nerve

Skeletal system 4:The variation and anomalies of the skull. Pterygopalatine fossa.

Applied anatomy of nerve system

Applied anatomy of facial fracture

Block Exam(II)

Block 2 Oral development, anatomy and histology (II)

Block Exam(III)


  1. Quizzes and presentations: 25%

  2. Midterm exam: 25%

  3. Final exam: 50%

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