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The Lip Gloss that Can’t Get Lost!

This retractable gloss surpasses every gal’s dream of makeup that goes the distance with you, literally. Simply clip it on (to anything, any time, anywhere), then swipe it on for lip-smacking shine, sensational shimmer, and sweet, sassy color and flavor. Fabulous!

Lips that look luscious and kissably perfect: it’s a universal wish for millions of misses’ mouths. Top that with the dire need to never be at a loss for your gloss, and enter, YOYO Lip Gloss, your one-stop shop for glammifying on the go.

Attach one to your bag – then reapply without requiring a search warrant to find your gloss. (You know the drill: usually, it’s hidden -stuck below or between wallet, cell and more.) Celebrate Saturday night fever, sans a clutch; just clip this killer gloss to your belt instead. Need to perk up your pout at a sporting game or event? No problem: kudos to this clip-to-your-hip, swirls-on-your-lip kisser savior, prettifying is always a synch – and instantly playful, thanks to the yoyo at each tube’s end.
Amped with an outstanding formula that packs potent, good-for-your-lips ingredients – atop the amazing shades and yummy tastes to choose from – YOYO Lip Gloss is an automatic go-to for girls of all ages. One swipe leaves your smoocher feeling cooled and tingly – addictive and alluring. And with a price tag cheap enough to boot, you deserve to pick every hue and harmonious flavor that you fancy. Our hint? Go ahead and flirt with a few, toying with the eight terrific, mouth-teasing (and pleasing) flavors.
Fabulous flavors to flip for:

Bodacious Blueberry Crazy Cotton Candy Power Packing Pineapple

Big Bounce Bubblegum Cha-Cha Chocolate Super Strawberry Cheesecake

Kissable Kiwi Girly Green Apple

YOYO Lip Gloss is available for $4.99; retractable minis for $2.99. Purchase yours at yoyolipgloss.com.
Stay tuned: don’t just stop at the gloss! Let YOYO makeover your entire vanity. By spring 2010, welcome SPF-boasting retractable lip balm, blush, eyeshadow and nail polish – all packing the awesome appeal that’s uniquely YOYO, plus incredible, high-quality ingredients.
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