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Hygienist/therapist services


Your referral

We are pleased to see patients from other practices for scaling and polishing and management of gum diseases. Our hygienist/therapist Rebecca will see you under a prescription from your own dentist who will remain responsible for your treatment. You will remain a patient of your own dentist and continue to see them for your regular dental care.

Our hygienist/therapist

Rebecca Hanson BSc is our Dental Therapist and Hygienist. She took her training at the University of Manchester.  Rebecca has a Bachelor of Science degree in Oral Health Sciences and qualified in 2006. She is a registered dental care professional with the General Dental Council.  Rebecca undertakes regular postgraduate training to ensure that she is fully up to date with latest techniques.

Our private practice has extremely high standards of infection control so that you can be reassured that you will be treated safely. We have been inspected by the Care Quality Commission and are fully registered.

What treatment will I receive?

In most cases your treatment will consist of scaling and polishing and oral hygiene instruction. Rebecca will also give diet and fluoride advice where appropriate. A few people have an aggressive form of gum disease which affects the support for teeth. In these cases your dentist might prescribe a procedure called full mouth disinfection. There is an information leaflet enclosed which explains about full mouth disinfection. We will only do this if your dentist has diagnosed aggressive gum disease and has prescribed this procedure. Only about 5-10% of people are susceptible to the aggressive form of gum disease.

Price list

One 15-20 minute appointment for

scaling and polishing, oral hygiene instruction etc. £36.00

Please note that multiple appointments may be necessary

Full mouth disinfection £495.00

How to make an appointment

Please call in or telephone us on 0161 320 4230. Our reception staff will be pleased to make you an appointment at a convenient time. They will check that you have a prescription from your regular dentist.

The Practice

Our practice is situated on Stockport Road in Denton about 250 yards South from Denton Centre “Crown Point”. There is easy parking on side streets and a public car park very near on Town Lane.

The practice is easily accessible via the M60 motorway. If you are coming from the South, take junction 25 and follow signs for Denton. This will take you directly to the practice after about 3 miles. If you are coming from the North take junction 24 and then take the M67 motorway. Take junction 1 of the M67 then turn right at the T junction at the top of the slip road. This road will take you directly to the practice in just under half a mile.

Andrew Shelley

Dental Practitioner


117 Stockport Road,



M34 6DH

0161 320 4230

Andrew Shelley


What is full mouth disinfection?

You have been diagnosed with an aggressive form of gum disease which is affecting the support for your remaining teeth. Some people have a genetic susceptibility which cannot be changed and unfortunately this means that success cannot be guaranteed. However, there are things which we can change. We can demonstrate more effective ways of removing dental plaque from teeth and gums. Also those people who smoke will be accelerating the problem.

Gum disease is caused by the bacteria in plaque and tartar. Full mouth disinfection is a way of removing all deposits of plaque and tartar from the mouth in a single day. In this way the newly cleaned areas cannot become re-infected by the uncleaned areas. Every last bit of plaque and tartar must be thoroughly removed, especially in those areas below the gum line. For this reason the procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic.
At your first visit we will take a bacteriological sample which will be sent for analysis. This will give us an indication of the bacteria which are involved and help to plan treatment. We will also take recordings of the levels of gum disease so that we can monitor progress. At your next visit, our dental therapist will carry out the removal of all the deposits of plaque and tartar from in a single day. Often one half of the mouth will be done in a morning and the other half the same afternoon. We use antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication before the appointment which further help reduce the infection and inflammation. A further appointment is made to review the recording of gum disease levels. Another bacteriological sample is also taken so that we can assess the difference in infection.

What are the limitations ?

We are limited by susceptibility to gum disease. Therefore no promises can be made about the long term survival of teeth. However we would not embark on this course of treatment if we did not think that there was a good chance of keeping most teeth for several years.

The success of treatment depends in large part on the plaque control which patients are able to maintain on a daily basis.

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