William Painter: The second tome of the Palace of pleasure

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And although yt old woma~ in the beginning resisted Iu hetta hir intent, yet in yt ende she knewe so wel how to persuade and win hir, that she promised in all that she was able to do, to be at hir co~mandement. And then she sent hir with al diligence to speake to Rhomeo, and to know of him by what meanes they might be maried, & yt he would  hir to vnderstand the determination be|twene frier Laurence & him. Who~  answered, how ye  day wherin he had informed frier Laurence of ye matter, ye said frier deferred answer vntil the next, which was the very same, and that it was not past one houre  he returned with final resolution, & that Frier Laurence & he had deuised, that she the Saterday folowing, should desire leaue of hir mother to go to co~|fession, & to repaire to the church of saint Francis, where in a certain chapel secretly they shold be maried, pray|ing hir in any wise not to fail to be there. Which thing she brought to passe with such discretion, as hir mother agréed to hir : and accompanied onely with hir gouernesse, and a yong mayden, she repaired thither at the determined day & time. And so soone as she was en|tred ytchurch, called for the good  frier Laurence, vnto who~ answere was made ythe was in the shriuing chapel, &  aduertisement was giue~ him of hir co~|ming. So soon as frier Laurence was certified of Iuliet|ta, he went into the body of the Church, & willed the old woman and yong  to go heare seruice, and that when he had hearde the confession of Iulietta, he would sende for them again to waite vpon hir. Iulietta being entred a litle Cell with FrierLaurence, he   the doore as he was wont to do, where Rhomeo and he had bene together fast shut in, the space of one whole houre before. Then FrierLaurence after that hée had  them, sayde to Iulietta:

Daughter, as Rhomeo

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here present hath certified me, you be agréed and con|tented to take him to husband, and he like wise you  his espouse and wife. Do you now still persist and con|tinue in that minde? The Louers answered that they desired none other thing.

The Frier séeyng their con|formed and agreable willes, after he had discoursed somwhat vpon the  of mariage dignitie, pronounced the vsuall wordes of the Church, and  hauing receiued the ryng from Rhomeo, they rose  before the Frier, who sayd vnto them:

If you haue a|ny other thing to conferre together, do the same with spede: for I purpose that Rhomeo shall go from hence so secretely as he can.

Rhomeo sorie to go from Iuliet|ta sayd secretly vnto hir, that she should send vnto him after diner the olde woman, and that he   to be made a corded ladder the same euening, thereby to climbe vp to hir chamber window, where at more leysure they woulde deuise of their affaires. Things determined betwene them, either of them retired to their house with incredible contentation, attendyng the happie houre for consummation of their mariage. When Rhomeo was come home to his house, he decla|red wholly what had passed betwene him and Iulietta, vnto a seruant of his called Pietro, whose hée had so greatly tried, as he durst haue trusted him with his life, and commaunded him with expedition to pro|uide a ladder of cordes with. . strong hookes of iron fastned to both ends, which he easily did, bicause they were much vsed in Italie. Iulietta did not forget in the euening about fiue of the clocke, to sende the old wo|man to Rhomeo, who hauing prepared all things ne|cessarie, caused the ladder to be deliuered vnto hir, and prayed hir to require Iulietta ye same euening not faile to be at the accustomed place. But if this iorney 

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