William Painter: The second tome of the Palace of pleasure

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And then determined to put them in proofe, and to be present  at all the feasts and assemblies of the citie, without bea|ring affection more to one woman than to another. And continued in this manner of life. . or. . months,

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 by that meanes to quench the sparks of aun|cient . It chanced then within  dayes after, about the feast of Christmasse, when feasts & bankets most commonly be vsed, and maskes according to the custome frequented: And bicause that Anthome Ca|pellet was the chief of that familie, and one of the most principal Lords of the Citie, he made a banket, and for the better solempnization of the same, inuited all the noble me~ and dames, at what time ther was the most partof yt youth of Verona. The family of the Capellets (as we haue declared in yt beginning of this History) was at variance with the , which was the cause that none of that family repaired to that banket, but onely the yong Gentleman Rhomeo, who came in a  after supper with certain other yong Gentle|men. And after they had remained a certaine space with their visards on, at length they did put of ye same, and Rhomeo very shamefast, withdrew himself into a corner of the Hall: but by reason of the light of the tor|ches which burned very bright, he was by & by known and loked vpon of the whole company, but specially of the Ladies: for bisides his natiue beautie wherewith nature had adorned him, they maruelled at his auda|citie how he durst presume to enter so secretly into yt house of those which had litle cause to do him any good. Notwithstanding, the Capellets  their malice, either for the honor of the company, or else for respect of his age, did not misuse him either in word or déede. By meanes whereof with frée liberty he behelde and viewed the ladies at his pleasure, which he did so wel, and with grace so good, as there was  but did ve|ry well like the presence of his person. And after hée had particularly giuen iudgement vpon the excellency of each one, according to his affection, he saw one gen|tlewoman

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amongs the rest of surpassing beautie, who (although he had neuer séene hir tofore) pleased him a|boue the rest, & attributed vnto hir in heart the  place for all perfection in beautie. And feastyng hir incessantly with piteous lookes, the loue which he bare to his first Gentlewoman, was ouercomen with this new fire, which tooke such norishement and vigor in his heart, as he was able neuer to quench the same but by death onely: as you may vnderstande by one of the strangest discourses, that euer any mortal man deuised. The yong Rhomeothen féelyng himselfe thus tossed with this new tempest, could not tel what cou~|tenaunce to vse, but was so surprised and chaunged with these last flames, as he had almost forgotten him selfe, in suche wise as he had not audacitie to enquire what shée was,   bent hym selfe to féede his eyes wyth hir , wherewyth he moystened the swéete amorous venom, which dyd so empoyson him, as hée ended his dayes: with a kynde of moste cruell death. The Gentlewoman that dydde put Rhomeo  suche payne, was called Iulietta,and was the daughter of Capellet, the maister of the house where that assem|blie was, who as hir eyes dydde roll and wander too and fro, by chaunce espied Rhomeo, whiche vnto hir séemed to be the goodliest Gentleman that euer shée sawe. And Loue which lay in wayte neuer vntyl that tyme, assailing the tender heart of that yong Gentle|woman, touched hir so at the quicke, as for any resi|stance she coulde make, was not able to defende hys forces. and then began to set at naught the royalties of the feast, and felt no pleasure in hir hart, but when she had a glimpse by throwing or receiuing some sight or looke of Rhomeo. And after they had co~tented eche others troubled hart with millions of amorous lokes

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