William Painter: The second tome of the Palace of pleasure

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Veronna, where he liued. v. or. vj. yeares, and spente his tyme in co~tinuall prayer, vntil he was called out of this transitorie worlde, into the blisfull state of euerlasting ioy. And for the compassi|on of so straunge an infortune, the Montesches and Ca|pellettespoured forth such abundance of teares, as with the same they did euacuate their auncient grudge and choler, whereby they were then reconciled. And they which coulde not bée broughte to attonement by any wisedome or humane councell, were in the ende van|quished and made friendes by pitie. And to immorta|lizate the memorie of so intier and perfect amitie, the lorde ofVeronna ordeined, that the two bodies of those miraculous louers shold be intombed in the graue where they ended their , where was erected a high marble , honoured with an infinite numbre of excellent , which  this day be apparant, with such no|ble memorie, as amongs all the rare excellencies, wherewith the Citie is furnished, there is none more famous than the monument of Rhomeo & Iulietta.

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