William Painter: The second tome of the Palace of pleasure

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the Montesches and Capcllets, and that by doing such an acceptable worke to God, he gaue them the Churches blessing in a certaine Chappell of the Fri|ers Church, whereof the night following, they did con|summate the mariage fruites in the Palace of the Ca|pellets. For testimony of which copulation, the woman of Iuliettaes chamber was able to depose: Adding more|ouer, the murder of Thibault, which was cosin to Iuli|etta: by reason whereof the banishment of Rhomeo did , and how in the absence of the said Rhomeo, the mariage being kept secrete betwene them, a new Matrimonie was intreated wyth the Counte Paris, which misliked by Iulietta, she fell downe prostrate at his féete in a Chappell of S. Frauncis Church, with full determination to haue killed hir selfe with hir owne hands, if he gaue hir not councel how she should auoide the mariage agréed betwene hir father and the Counte Paris. For conclusion, he sayd, that although he was re|solued by reason of his age and nearenesse of death to  all secrete Sciences, wherein in his yonger yeares hée had delight, notwithstanding, pressed with importunitie, and moued with pitie, fearing least Iuli|etta should doe some crueltie against hir self, he stained his conscience, and chose rather with some little fault to grieue his minde, than to suffer the yong Gentle|woman to destroy hir body, and hazarde the daunger of hir soule. And therefore he opened some part of his auncient cunning, and gaue hir a certaine pouder to make hir sléepe, by meanes wherof she was thought to be . Then he tolde them how he had sent Frier Anselme to cary letters to Rhomeoof their enterprise, whereof hitherto he had no answere. Then briefly he concluded how hée founde Rhomeo deade within the graue, who as it is most likely did impoison himselfe,

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or was otherwise smothered or suffocated with  by finding Iulietta in that state, thinking she had bene dead. Then he tolde them howIulietta did kill hir selfe with the dagger of Rhomeo, to beare him company af|ter his death, and howe it was impossible for them to saue hir for the noise of the watche which forced them to flée from thence. And for more ample approbation of his saying, he humbly besought the Lord of  and the Magistrates to send to Mantua for Frier An|selme to know the cause of his  returne, that the content of the letter sent to Rhomeo might be séene. To examine the woman of the chamber of Iulietta, and and Pietro the seruaunt of Rhomeo, who not attending for  request, sayd vnto them: My Lordes whenRhomeo entred the graue, he gaue me this , written as I suppose with his owne hand, who gaue me expresse commaundeme~t to deliuer them to his fa|ther.

The pacquet opened, they found the whole  of this story, specially the Apothecaries name, which solde him the poyson, the price, and the cause wherfore he vsed it, and all appeared to be so cleare and euident, as there rested nothing for further verification of the same, but their presence at the doing of the parti|culers therof, for the whole was so wel declared in or|der, as they were out of doubt that the same was true. And then the Lord Bartholomewof , after he had debated with yt Magistrates of these euents, decréed yt the woman of Iulietta hir chamber should be , bicause she did conceyle that priuie mariage from the father of Rhomeo, which if it hadde bene knowne in time, had bred to the whole Citie an vniuersal benefit. Pietro bicause he obeyed his masters commaundeme~t, and kept close his lawful secrets, according to the wel  nature of a trusty , was set at liberty.

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The Poticarie taken, rackt, and founde guiltie, was hanged. The good olde man Frier Laurence (as well for respect of his auncient seruice which he had done to the common wealth of Veronna, as also for his  lyfe (for the which he was specially reco~mended) was let goe in peace, withoute any note of infamie. Notwithstandyng by reason of his age, he voluntarily gaue ouer the worlde, and closed him selfe in a hermi|tage, two miles from 

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