William Painter: The second tome of the Palace of pleasure

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them selues agayne, and thynkyng to haue auoyded shipwracke, and sodainly the seas begin to swell, the waues do roare, with such vehemence and noyse, as if they were fallen againe into greater daunger than be|fore. The assigned houre come, Rhomeo fayled not ac|cording to his promise to bée in his Garden, where he found his furniture prest to mount the chamber of Iu|lietta, who with displayed armes, began so straightly to imbrace hym, as it séemed that the soule woulde haue abandoned hir body. And they two more than a large quarter of an houre were in such agonie, as they were not able to pronounce one worde, and wettyng eache others face faste closed together, the teares trickeled downe in suche abundaunce, as they séemed to bée tho|roughlye bathed therein. Whiche Rhomeo percey|uing, and thynkyng to staye those immoderate tea|res, sayde vnto hir:

Myne owne dearest friende Iu|lietta, I am not nowe determined to recite the parti|culars of the straunge happes of frayle and incon|staunte Fortune, who in a  hoystethe a man vp to the hyghest degrée of hir whéele, and by and by, in lesse space than in the twynckelyng of an eye, shée throweth hym downe agayne so lowe, as more miserie is prepared for him in one day, than fa|uour in one hundred yeares: whyche I nowe proue, and hauc experience in my selfe, whiche haue bene nourished delicately amonges my friendes, and main|teyned in suche prosperous state, as you doe little knowe, (hopyng for the full perfection of my felici|tie) by meanes of oure maryage to haue reconciled oure parentes and friends; and to conducte the residue of my lyfe, accordyng to the scope and lotte determined by Almyghty GOD: and neuerthelesse

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all myne enterprises bée put backe, and my pur|poses tourned cleane contrarye, in suche wyse as from henceforthe I muste wander lyke a vagabonde thorough dyuerse , and sequestrate my selfe from my friendes, withoute assured place of myne a|bode, whiche I desyre to lette you wete, to the in|tente you maye be exhorted, in tyme to come, paci|entely to beare so well myne absence, as that which it shall please God to appointe.

But Iulietta, all affrighted with teares and mortall agonies, woulds not suffer hym to passe any further, but interruptyng hys purpose, sayde vnto hym:

Rhomeo, howe canst thou bée so harde hearted and voyde of all pitie, to leaue mée héere alone, besieged with so many dead|ly myseries? There is neyther houre nor Minute, wherein Death dothe not appeare a thousande tymes before mée: and yet my missehappe is suche, as I can not dye, and therefore doe manyfestelye perceyue, that the same Deathe preserueth my lyfe, of pur|pose to delyghte in my griefes, and triumphe ouer my euyls. And thou lyke the mynister and tyrant of hir crueltie, doest make no conscience (for oughte that I can sée) hauynge atchieued the summe of thy desyres and pleasures on me, to abandon and for|sake me. Whereby I well perceyue, that all the la|wes of Amitie are deade and vtterly extinguished, for so muche as hée, in whome I hadde greatest hope and confidence, and for whose sake I am become an e|nimie to my self, doth disdaine and contemne me. No no Rhomeo, thou must fully resolue thy selfe vpon one of these. . points, either to sée me incontinently thro|wen down hedlong from this high window after thée: or else to suffer me to acco~panie thée into that cou~trey

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or place whither Fortune shal guide thée: for my heart is so muche transformed into thine, that so soone as I shall vnderstande of thy departure, presently my lyfe will depart this wofull body: the continuance wherof I doe not desire for any other purpose, but only to de|light my selfe in thy presence, and to bée partaker of thy missefortunes. And therefore if euer there lodged any pitie in the hearte of Gentleman, I beséeche  Rhomeo with al humilitie, that it may now fynd place in thée, and that thou wilt vouchsafe to receiue me ; thy seruant, and the faithful co~panion of thy . And if thou thinke that thou canst not co~ueniently re|ceiue me in the estate and habite of a wife, who shall let me to chaunge myne apparell? Shall I be the first that haue vsed like shiftes, to escape the tirannie of pa|rentes? Dost thou doubt that my seruice will not bée so good vnto thée as that of Petre thy seruaunt? Will my loyaltie and fidelitie be lesse than his? My beautie whiche at other tymes thou hast so greately commen|ded, is it not estéemed of thée? My teares, my loue, and the auncient pleasures and delights that you haue ta|ken in me, shall they be in obliuion? Rhomeo séeing  in these alteratio~s, fearing that worsse inconuenience would chaunce, tooke hir againe betwéene his armes, and kissyng hir amorously, sayd: Iulietta, the onely mi|stresse of my heart, I pray thée in the name of God, and for the feruent loue which thou bearest vnto me, to  & do away those vaine cogitations, except  meane to séeke & hazard the destruction of vs both: for if thou perseuer in this determination, there is no reme|die but we must both perish: for so soon as thine  shal be knowne, thy father wil make such ernest pur|sute after vs, that we can not choose but be descried & taken, and in the ende cruelly punished. I as a 

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and stealer of thée, and thou as a disobedient daughter to hir father: and so in stead of pleasant and quiet life, our dayes shalbe abridged by most shameful death. But if thou wilt recline thy self to reason, (the right rule of humane life,) and for the time abandon our mutual de|lights, I will take such order in the time of my banish|ment, as within. . or. . months without any delay, I shalbe reuoked home againe. But if it fall out other|wise (as I trust not,) how so euer it happe~, I wil come againe vnto thée, and with the helpe of my friends wil fetch thée from Verona by strong hand, not in counter|feit apparell as a stranger, but like my spouse and per|petuall companion. In the meane time quiet your self, and be sure that nothing else but death shal deuide and put vs asunder. The reasons of Rhomeo so much pre|uailed with Iulietta, as she made him this answer: My deare friend I will doe nothing contrary to your will and pleasure. And to what place so euer you repair, my heart shall be your owne, in like sorte as you haue gi|uen yours to be mine. In the meane while I pray you not to faile oftentimes to aduertise me by Frier Lau|rence, in what state your affairs be, and specially of the place of your abode.

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