William F. Clinton Chronology August 19, 1946 Bill Clinton was born

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William F. Clinton Chronology

  1. August 19, 1946

    1. Bill Clinton was born

  2. 1967

    1. Clinton avoided the draft by saying he would possibly join the ROTC. This allowed him to not be drafted.

  3. 1968

    1. Graduated from Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University with a degree in foreign service

  4. October 11, 1975

    1. Married Hillary Rodham

  5. 1970-1980

    1. Clinton was the governor of Arkansas from 1978-1980 and after losing reelection, he became the governor again in 1982-1993 until he was inaugurated as president.

    2. Clinton pressured David Hale into loaning Susan McDougal $300,000 to help develop the Whitewater Development Corporation and to purchase land

    3. Clinton claimed this was false. He told investigators that Hale had made false companies previously and stole the money that was invested in them.

    4. The McDougal’s were found guilty of the transaction, but the Clintons were not because there was insufficient evidence to link them with the criminal conduct of the McDougal’s with the land purchase.

  6. 1992 presidential campaign

    1. During the New Hampshire primary, there were reports that Clinton had an extramarital affair with Gennifer Flowers

    2. She was an actress who alleged that she had a twelve year relationship with Clinton. She first denied this, and then changed her story.

    3. Clinton claimed it was one encounter in 1977

  7. January 20, 1993

    1. Clinton was inaugurated at the 42nd president

  8. November 29, 1993

    1. Clinton allegedly sexually assaulted Kathleen Willey. This was never proven to have happened.

    2. Allegations were not brought forth until March 15, 1998 when she was asked to testify in the Jones case.

  9. 1994

    1. Clinton appointed a group to research the legality of the Whitewater transactions.

    2. Two allegations stemmed forth from this

      1. that Clinton had exerted pressure on an Arkansas businessman, David Hale, to make a loan that would benefit him and the owners of Madison Guaranty

      2. That an Arkansas bank had concealed transactions involving Clinton's gubernatorial campaign in 1990.

    3. Troopergate- alleged scandal in which Arkansas State Troopers claimed they had arranged sexual liaisons for Governor Clinton

    4. Paula Jones was one of these supposed women

  10. May 1994

    1. Robert Fiske issued a grand jury subpoena to the Clintons for all of their documents relating to Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan within 30 days

    2. They were reported missing

    3. In 1996 they were found by a staffer in the Clintons’ private residence dealing with Hilary’s old place of employment, the Rose Law Firm

  11. May 6, 1994

    1. Paula Jones filed a sexual harassment suit against Clinton

    2. She said she was brought to his hotel room by state troopers. Clinton continued to ask her for sexual favors in return for a job.

  12. August 1994

    1. Kenneth Starr was appointed to continue investigating the Whitewater Controversy

    2. Hale was eventually arrested for taking the money

  13. 1995

    1. Monica Lewinsky was hired to work at the White House as an intern

  14. April 1996

    1. Lewinsky was moved to the Pentagon by her superiors because they felt she was spending too much time around Clinton

  15. Fall 1997

    1. Starr drafted impeachment referral to the House of Representatives because he felt that Clinton might have committed perjury with Hale’s allegations and that he had “substantial and credible evidence” to prove Clinton committed perjury.

    2. Linda Tripp begins taping conversations with Lewinsky about Lewinsky’s sexual affairs with Clinton

  16. January 1998

    1. Linda Tripp delivered tapes to Kenneth Starr that had to do with Lewinsky’s affair with Clinton. Lewinsky befriended Tripp and told her all the intimate details while Tripp recorded all the conversations.

    2. Lewinsky delivers affidavit for Jones case stating she never had sexual relations with Clinton. Lewinsky tries to get Tripp to lie in Jones case while being under oath.

  17. January 21, 1998

    1. The media breaks the news that Clinton had an affair with Lewinsky

  18. July 28, 1998

    1. Lewinsky received transactional immunity for grand jury testimony

    2. She also gave a dress covered in Clinton’s semen as evidence of the relationship

  19. August 17, 1998

    1. Clinton admits in court that he had a sexual relationship with Lewinsky

  20. November 13, 1998

    1. Clinton settled with Jones for $850,000

  21. December 1998

    1. Clinton is impeached

  22. April 1999

    1. Judge Wright found Clinton to be in contempt because she felt he had mislead the court

  23. Jan 19, 2001

    1. Judge Wright sent Clinton’s case to the Arkansas Bar for disciplinary actions

    2. He was stripped of his license for five years; he wasn’t allowed to practice law for this period by Arkansas law

  24. October 2, 2001

    1. The Supreme Court ruled that Clinton was no longer to argue cases in front of them since he was already disbarred in Arkansas.

  25. November 13, 2001

    1. Clinton resigns from practicing law under the Supreme Court.

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