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Wichita High School Heights

Daily Student Bulletin

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

10/9-10/12) The heights booster club will be selling Red Out shirts today thru Thursday during lunch. Shirts are $7 for SM-XL and $10 for larger sizes. Get your shirt and wear it Friday when we “RED OUT” the stadium against Bishop Carroll.

10/11) Hope you’re wearing your rainbow colors today!  Stop by the Spectrum Club table in the breezeway at lunch to show off your colors and receive a sweet treat!

10/6-10/11) Apply KS is here! October is the month that seniors are encouraged to apply to college.  During this month, Private colleges are not charging ANYTHING to apply! And don’t forget the Locker Decorating Contest on Twitter where Seniors can win a 32” TV and a Visa gift card! See Ms. Paschal for more information or help!

10/6-10/11) FAFSA is open NOW!  Go to the fafsa website to get access to money to go to college!

10/9-10/11) Falcon Fellowship is today during lunch at Christ Lutheran Church.  All students and staff are welcome to attend.  Free burgers with all the fixings are provided!  Our guest speaker will be Odall Harris.  Freshmen and sophomores must have a signed permission form turned into the office to attend. 

10/9-10/11) KU School of Medicine will host its annual “Doc for a Day” program on Saturday, Nov. 4th.  Cost is $17 and will include workshops and a t-shirt.  Registration deadline is Oct. 13th, see Ms. Paschal for more info!

10/10-10/13) Come hungry and come with cash.  JROTC is selling China Go during lunch this Friday in the commons.

10/10-10/11) We will have after school tutoring today in the cafeteria.  No need to sign up, just show up from 3:45-6:45.

10/10-10/13) Josten’s will be here this Friday to pick up cap & gown orders during lunch.  A $60 deposit is recommended.  Extra order packets are available in the North and South offices.  If you have any questions, please see Ms. Wyatt in the North office.

10/11) Attention Seniors wanting pass cards for 2nd semester: Please sign up soon to see your counselor to start the application process.  The counselors will call you in to review your eligibility.  The deadline for returning the application is October 27.

10/11-10/12) Spectrum Club will meet tomorrow in Room E113 during the lunch hour.  See Dr. Ebersole in the North Office if you need a pass.

10/11-10/13) Looking to show school spirit? Buy Cheer Gear or Super Fan gear from a Cheerleader this week!  See any cheerleader to order!

10/11-10/13) Attention juniors:  If you have not turned in your Futures fair permission slip, please turn them in to Mrs. Arpin in the North office by Friday October 13.

10/11-10/13) The Hair Club will host Sami Halaseah Institute on Friday, October 13th  during Advocacy, both tutorials in the upper gym. Get a pass from D114C.

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