What’s on the schedule?

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Bulletin for July 1, 2015

Meeting at the Southbridge Business Center, Mechanic Street, Southbridge

Wednesday’s at noon

What’s on the schedule?

07/08 Club Meeting & Installation of Officers
Visitors/Guest: Michael Glick, Publick House Attendance: 71%

Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear - George Orwell
Raffle: We’re looking for the Ace of Hearts! Jim drew the 2 of Hearts and Karen picked the 7 of Clubs. Looks like $105 in the pot.
Happy Dollars:
Paul Mills happy to be with us, Ken’s daughter found a home and settling in Los Angeles, Dino’s recent Astronomy presentation at Trinity Catholic Academy, the once in 2,000 years conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, a sad dollar for the cancellation of the installation dinner, a happy $10 from Jeff for his baby girl’s beautiful wedding, Ron C. for showing up to the cancelled dinner and one for a new grandson, Terri C for the remaining week with her grandson and enjoying every minute of it, Lynne for her grandchildren and the hits to her new website and Glen J. for returning well rested from a great trip with his family.

Installation of 2015-2016 Officers

Next Wednesday’s Club Meeting

July 8, at Noon.

Michael Glick with a rendering of the soon to be completed Chamberlain House.
PROGRAM: Paul introduced his guest, Michael Glick of the Publick House, to share his experience with recent renovations and capital improvements on the Publick House grounds.

The Publick House enterprise is owned by the Harrington family. Since taking ownership 11 years ago, they have had a vision to return the property to its former character and ambience. The vision has been backed by hard work and financial investment. Obstacles were faced; the economy, town requirements and approvals and financing availability. These were met by revising plans or expectations but the vision never changed.

Michael described the opportunity for the Publick House could be found in the local community dining experience, travelers passing through the area and functions. The use of function space is divided into two purposes, business (during the week) and private (weekend weddings and parties).
The new construction, with 20 renovated and new rooms, will allow the Publick House to attract business functions during the week and expand conveniences to weekend weddings and other gatherings.

Terri announced recent efforts to raise funds for the medical needs of Ben Chanthanouvong. The flyer below explains the need to locate a bone marrow match for Ben. Also, for $5.00 you can purchase two chances to win a pair of tickets to the Red Sox/Yankee game on July 11th at Fenway. Two winners will be drawn. Tickets can be purchased at Big Bunny, Micknuck’s and the Southbridge Police Dept.

Club Roster 2014-2015 P= Past President

Athanas, Joseph P. (P) Brenner, Jay Blanchard, Bryan (P) 2x Bousquet, Glenn L. (P) 2x

Carlson, Ronald P. Chernisky, Ronald (P) Clemence, Richard

Coderre, Joseph A. (P) Colognesi, Theresa G. (P) 2x

Desautels, Clement T. (P) Desrosier, Bruce J. (P) Davenport, Jeffrey (P)

Detarando, Jay Gunnel, Susan

Jalbert, Paul R. (P) Jawor, John (P) Juchno, Glen

Keefe, Edward G. Knight, Robert H. (P)

Lafleche, John Lanni, Arnold (P) Lannon, William (P)

Leboeuf, Eric Lisle, Terry

Mangion, Richard M. Merceri, Lynne Mills, Paul A. (P) Morrill, Patrick S.

Nikolla, Peter Pettinelli, Philip (P) Prokos, Alexander

Rizner, Kenneth E. (P) Rockwood, Marjorie (P)

Smalarz, Thomas J. Spiewak, Karen Spinelli, Patrick

Tata, Constantino H. (Dino) Taylor, John E. Tallman, Todd Tremblay, Ronald J.

Waddick, James H. (P)

P = Past President
Officers and Directors

Jay Brenner President Jay Brenner Attendance Chair

Ronald Tremblay President Elect Dino Tata Club Administration Chair

Glen Juchno Vice president Glenn Bousquet Fellowship Chair

Terri Colognesi Immediate Past President Ronald Chernisky Fireworks Committee Chair

Patrick Morrill Secretary Joe Coderre Foundation Chair

Lynne Merceri Sargent at Arms/Attendance Terry Lisle Golf Committee Chair

Terry Lisle Treasurer Jeff Davenport Interact Chair

John Jawor Membership Chair

Ron Tremblay Public Relations Chair

Lynne Merceri RYLA Youth Chair

Dino Tata Bulletin Editor Ronald Carlson Scholarship Committee Chair

Peter Nikolla Webmaster Jim Waddick Service Projects Chair
Paul Harris Fellows

Joseph P. Athanas 11-1995 Paul A. Mills 02-1987 Richard Ayers Terri Colognesi 05-26-10

John E. Taylor 02-1988 Zygmund J. Damian Joan Menard 04-24-13

Kenneth E. Rizner 10-30-1997 Paul R. Jalbert 01-2001 Marjorie Rockwood 5-11-2002 Glenn Bousquet.10-08-2008

James Waddick 04-2006 Bryan Blanchard 04-2006 Ronald Chernisky 9-03-2008 Jeffrey Davenport 1995

Constantino H. Tata (Dino) 2-26-04 Ronald Carlson 07-20-11 Phillip Pettinelli 05-16-14

Deceased and Non-member Paul Harris Fellows,

Burns, Charles E. Laliberte, Oswald J. Leclaire, Romeo H. Moreno, Laurence

Mozley, George Ricci, Raymond A. Wilson, Calvin Witter, Simon E.

C. Stanley Knight C. Stanley Knight Charles T. Parham Judith Flannery (Non-member)

John CS. Crosbie Philip S. Morrill Albert J. DiGregorio 1960 Normand E. Plouffe 1995

Robert Coderre

Neighboring Clubs

Sturbridge Monday 6:00 Publick House, 277 Main Street Sturbridge, MA

Putnam Tuesday 12:15 J. D. Coopers 146 Park Road, Putnam, CT

Brookfields Thursday 6:00 Wok Inn Corner Rte. 67 & Rte 9, W. Brookfield, MA

Worcester Thursday 12:15 Coral Seafood, 225 Worcester Street, Worcester, MA

Is it the truth? P. O. Box 51

Is it fair to all concerned? Southbridge, Mass. 01550

Will it build goodwill and better friendship? Chartered May 13, 1927

Will it be beneficial to all concerned? Club No. 2588 District No. 7910 www.southbridgerotary.org

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